Baesman Professional Homepage

Baesman website provides marketing agency and fulfillment services to companies looking to harness their customer data in new and innovative ways.

Their services increase ROI, and lead to higher sales and increased customer longevity.

The Baesman homepage glistens in visual power. The 2017 website design trend of video in call-to-action backgrounds is seen as soon as the user enters the homepage.

The blue and green contrast each other in the most eloquent of ways. The video background alters between various scenes of people measuring prints, machines stamping business cards, and employee meetings. 

The overall aesthetic portrays pure happiness.

The video call to action conveys a professionalism that many websites lack. This enhances the Baesman brand and presents the company as a force to be reckoned with in the marketing ecosystem.

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Baesman Clean About Page

The user is then greeted by a branding message with blue text plastered on an all-white background.

The blue creates feeling of trust and tranquility and the brand message invites the user to learn more.

Always use contrasting colors to maximize the visual potential of your message and keep the user engaged.

Baesman Colorful Clients Showcase

The next part of the homepage is simply stunning. An array of bright lush colors ranging from yellow to purple highlight Baesman clients.

The showcase of clients, from NETJETS to Victoria's Secret, serve as credibility indicators. Baesman clients are some of the best brands in the world.

This portrays the idea to the user: Imagine what Baesman services can do for your company.

Baesman Clean About Page

We then see an awesome cascading card feature showcasing Baesman's leadership from the President to the Brand Marketing Manager.

The front image is larger than the rest and contains a small paragraph about the highlighted employee.

Each image is in black and white with a hint of blue on the employee title.

The black and white is timeless and conveys a classic professionalism that Baesman is known for.

Baesman is a professional website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.

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