Voluptuous Elegant Homepage

Voluptuous is an exploratory, interactive experience that engages the taboo, while also promoting specific pieces of literature. The website entices viewers with mystery and sexuality, drawing them in before flipping the script and presenting the ultimate intention of the site, which is selling books.

The home page of the site is demonstrative of how the designer has formatted the site to bury the lead, instead focusing on enticing viewers with sinful sensuality. The page is dark and dimly lit, except for a small section in the middle where users can see a bit of human skin and the title of the experience. Viewers can tell that the image is depicting a sexual situation, but they can’t exactly make it out. This encourages curiosity, and it leaves viewers motivated to continue exploring.

By clicking on any one of the letters in the word “Voluptuous,” users can be taken to a different section of the site that advertises a specific book. This is an excellent example of how designers can restrict user information to create greater interest and user engagement.

Voluptuous Elegant Product Page

This is an example of the kind of page that a user might discover upon clicking one of the letters. Here, the sexual imagery continues, but it’s still restrictive. Users can better discern what’s being depicting, but it is still a bit of a tease. The text on the page recounts an erotic scene from a book that will eventually be advertised on this page. The excerpt, void of context, arouses user curiosity, and it keeps them moving forward to see what happens next in the steamy scene.

Voluptuous Elegant Product Page

When users click forward from the previous page, they’re brought to something like this. Here, the curtain is thrown open, and users realize that the scene and imagery on the previous page was an excerpt from an advertised book. If they want to continue this sensual journey, they’ll need to make a purchase. It’s a terrific linear design that hooks users in with mystery and a lack of context. Then, when the context is provided, they’re already invested in the gripping UX of the site, and they’re more prone to buy the novel.

Voluptuous is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.

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