SFCD Colorful Website Design

SFCD is a digital product agency with a focus on creating a strategic approach to the user interface and user experience design of companies' websites.

The company drops potential clients straight into an immersive and creative experience by utilizing rotating effects within a single image. The image used is black-and-white, but has effects in a variety of flat but vibrant colors to draw attention to the skills utilized.

SFCD’s homepage doubles as their About page with the use the page’s scroll. Information is presented to site visitors in chunks that can be easily deciphered by the change in background colors. 

The colors are flat in appearance, and a stark contrast to the hues both above and below them. Additionally, to help showcase the difference between the information, the company alternates the alignment of the images on the page between the left and right side.

Through the top of the page, potential clients will find access to a simplified header menu with a single-page option. SFCD combines their contact information with their portfolio display.

Contact information is aligned in a right-side color bar, laid out simply with a sans serif font in black and red to stand out against the white for ease of access.

From this page, potential clients can access a varying grid of portfolio pieces. Pieces are presented with a single image. In order to learn about the client and see the case study, potential clients need to hover their cursor over the image. Doing so activates a lighting effect that dims the image and highlights the client’s name.

SFCD creates in-depth portfolio pieces to fully showcase the way that they designed each project for their previous clients. Each portfolio begins with a solid white base as the negative space, and the company then fills in the design uniquely, depending on each project. 

Universally, the company utilizes a combination of animated images, photographs, color boxes and varying font colors to guide potential clients through each portfolio project. 

SFCD is a colorful website design in the Professional Services industry.

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