Outlines Amazing Homepage

Outlines is all about adventure. With that in mind, their site leads users to yearn for the next adventure in their life, which is exactly what they hope to achieve.

When eye-popping color, collage-style layout, minimalist text and contemporary photography come together in one place, the result is sure to create an amazing UX. That is exactly the case with Outlines, as their site features a color scheme that draws your attention immediately upon entry, and the minimal text in the design leads users to learn more.

Taking an adventure through this site (it is exactly that: an adventure) is easy with a very user-friendly UI that lends itself well to the laid-back and wonder-filled theme of the site.  Just pick an adventure and see what they have to offer.

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Outlines Amazing Gallery Page

When users choose to learn more about Outlines projects and the ideas behind their journeys, they find a page that features a very framed appearance, leading them to focus on the page’s text. Bold upper and lower photographic images help to create the framed appearance and draw users to the center, where all of the About text is contained.

The bold color scheme has made its way to this page as well, with bright oranges, brilliant blues, and neutral browns dominating the images and border boxes of the call to action buttons. As About pages go, it is about as interesting as it gets in terms of visual attributes.

Outlines Amazing Product Page

Finally, the About pages are absolutely well-done. The layout is fairly typical, with each entry containing a lovely photograph on the left and short informational piece on the right. A call to action button is included in several entries, which draws the eye and tempts users to click and learn a bit more about the specific destination.

Overall, the site has a great feel to it and leads users to plan their own adventure in the near future. The desire to explore is passed on to readers, and potential customers are certainly likely to book their future adventure.

Outlines is an amazing website design in the Travel industry.

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