Gap Careers Great Homepage

This website is for prospective employees looking to find careers at The Gap Corporation. Users are able to browse and search for a variety of careers at different levels of the Gap hierarchy. The site is meant to attract high-level candidates and establish the Gap workplace as professional and fulfilling.

The home page is strategically designed to reinforce this brand, and it does so through a single photograph. The aerial view of a bustling workplace takes a fairly omniscient perspective on the work experience. This mirrors the current perspective of the user, looking at potential work from a removed view so as to analyze their merits and disadvantages. By providing a visual placeholder for the user experience, The Gap Corporation is imbuing their site with several brand ideas. The busy workplace makes users feel that they’ll be personally fulfilled in their job, and the collaborative aspect of the photo makes it seem fun and interpersonal. This shows that sometimes the best thing a designer can do is pick a powerful photo. Simply by embedding a relevant photo into the page, the designer has breathed brand into the UX.

Gap Careers Clean Search Slider

Every page on the site comes equipped with this advanced search slider, seen here at the top of the page. Here users can conduct a comprehensive career search using a variety of variables. They can choose the Gap property they’d like to work for, where they’d like to work, and what languages they can speak. From this, Gap shows several listings users can choose from and provides information about each. This powerful search tool creates an involved user interface that can be used to create a more relevant UX for every applicant. By embedding this search in every page possible, the designer has instilled a sense of unending possibility and provided a tool for realizing this possibility.

Gap Careers Great Website Design

Once users have conducted their search, they’ll be brought to a page like this one. This page is specifically for careers at The Gap Store, and it’s designed to reflect the style and values of that specific institution. What’s significant about this is that each place of business has their own design that equally reflects the style and values of that institution. This level of graphic personalization not only gives users an idea of what each institution is like, but also can potentially reflect them back at themselves. If they see their own style evoked within a job listing, they’ll be more enthusiastic and invested in the listing itself.

Gap Careers is a great website design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.