Element Cycles Clean Homepage

Element Cycle is a bike retailer and lifestyle site that focuses on helping users find the bike that is just right for them. They’re dedicated to equipping aspiring cyclists with the proper gear and information to enjoy the cycling experience as much as possible. This home page takes the first step toward this idea with a strong typographical element and photographic background. The text, which is the focal point of the site, reads, “find the right bike.” This serves as a strong introduction to the impetus of the site: the tailored search for a custom bike.

Additionally, the background video depicts high-powered cyclists pumping down the road. The relationship between this text and image creates an aspirational UX that presents users with an objective and assistance toward accomplishment. Users are motivated to become one of these strident cyclists, and Element Cycles’ custom search process is the means to this end.

Element Cycles Clean Product Page

This product page continues to motivate and assist users through the bike selection process. Again, the relationship of the text and image inform this experience. Users are presented with a studio shot of a bike, accompanied by all the relevant information and several modification tools. This simulates an in-store shopping experience that makes the process more personable and real. Users will actually feel like they’re browsing through a store on their quest to find the best bike possible. The information of the site acts as a stand-in for a salesperson, while the photograph evokes the space of the store. This creates a user experience that is optimal for the shopping process.

Element Cycles Clean Website Design

This blog page again focuses on instilling a sense of aspiration in every user. The blogs all feature spanning images that represent the underlying content. As users browse this wealth of information, they’ll be captivated and immersed in the cycling lifestyle. This serves not only to create a user community around the site, but also indoctrinate more and more dedicated consumers. This blog is an excellent example of how a talented designer can imbue users with a passion for a site’s content and subject. This blog, along with the rest of the site, succeeds in simulating a cycling culture and shopping hub.

Element Cycles is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.