Kinglsey Rowe Elegant Website Design

American eyeglass designer Kingsley Rowe presents a dynamic web page to highlight their equally dynamic brand. With high-resolution images and minimalist website design, Kingsley Rowe makes it clear that fashion is always the center of their focus.

When the user lands on the homepage, they’ll be greeted by a short campaign film that dominates the screen. Rather than beginning right away, the film features a play button, allowing the user to choose when and if they would like to watch, demonstrating thoughtful UX design. The film is shot in black and white, highlighting the vintage aesthetic of the eyeglass frames.

The home page features only three main fashion images, set against the same pine wood background. The wood provides a textured, yet neutral background to set their stylings against.

At the top of the screen, a semi-transparent, white, navigation bar stretches horizontally across the screen. With only a logo, menu icon, and shopping cart button, the navigation bar echoes the minimalist design of the rest of the page. Clicking the menu icon causes a full screen, semi-transparent menu to appear.

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Kinglsey Rowe Elegant Gallery Page

Reminding the user that Kingsley Rowe is a fashion label, rather than just an eyeglass provider, one of the links in the menu directs the user towards their lookbook. The lookbook is populated with similar images as the home page, set against the same wood background, continuing the aesthetic themes throughout the entire site.

Images appear asymmetrically against abundant, white negative space, highlighting the uniqueness of the looks. The deep scroll layout featured in the lookbook encourages the reader to continue scrolling through the entire collection. Beneath each image is a link allowing the user to easily purchase the look.

The striking fashion-forward images on the Kingsley Rowe web page combined with the deep scroll layout entice the reader into exploring the Kingsley Rowe brand. With smart UX and UI design, users are easily able to navigate the page, check out looks, and make a purchase. shows what happens when you combine aesthetic appeal with the user-focused design.

Kingsley Rowe is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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