Pure Cycles Clean Homepage

Are you a bicycle enthusiast looking for the right store for you? Then Pure Cycles is the retailer for you! Whether it’s accessories, parts, or fully built bicycles, Pure Cycles has what you want!

Gold, white, and black come together to create a classy website for Pure Cycles, amplifying your online shopping experience. The home page takes the chance to bring you face to face with what their store is all about. Full frame photographs that depict cyclists and more are scattered on the page, offering up a variety of areas on the website that you can explore.

The pictures used are abstract in quality and complement the simplistic color scheme while still building your interest. In addition to the photographs, the page incorporates a wide number of product images. Making use of the white backdrop, each image stands out. The choice is a brilliant one as it makes sure the featured items and best sellers catch your attention to make you want to look at more! It’s a simplistic home page that works to build on your interest in bicycles to build your interest in what the company offers.

Ready to dive in, but have no idea where to start? Hit the bottom of the page where Pure Cycles lists out the main pages of the website as well as all the minor ones as well. The menu relies on strong organizational skills to create separate lists in neat, well-defined formatting. The choice makes it a breeze for you to start your endeavor on the company’s website.

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Pure Cycles Clean Product Page

Pure Cycles puts together a range of helpful material for you to casually make use of when you need to. The blog-like page focuses on the messages to be conveyed rather than design elements. As a result, a monochromatic color scheme creates a clean presentation that lets you concentrate on the different posts on the page. Adding variety to the plain combination, Pure Cycles includes a teaser image for each post. These crisp photographs coordinate with the post titles, tying everything together visually as you decide what to read.

Pure Cycles combines neat organization and powerful imagery to create an easy on the eyes experience for users. This choice utilizes great navigation tools to help users make the most of the company’s website, ultimately guiding them to the products that they’re looking for.

Pure Cycles is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Sports & Leisure industries.

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