Communication Arts (slide 1)

Drop on into Communication Arts, an online magazine where the arts in every form come together to inspire and impact in every way possible. Find art you like, find art you love, and get ready to create your own art.

Monochrome design is the choice Communication Arts employs for the entirety of their site. It’s a stark website design, making for a beautiful set up that’s easy on the eyes and serves a secondary purpose as well.

The simplicity of it allows for the photographs and illustrations to gain all of your attention. The choice is a necessity as the long scroll of the page introduces you to dozens upon dozens of featured articles, art pieces, and so much more. While it’s only an introduction to what you’ll be able to find, it’s a fun way for you to learn about what you’ll be able to dive into.

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Communication Arts (slide 2)

Indulge in every form of visual art that you can imagine by making your way to Communication Arts gallery. Scroll through the rows upon rows of intriguing, odd, eclectic, and beautiful art pieces right at your fingertips.

The site simply piles the art on, giving you the latest of options to look at. It’s abrasive, exciting, and fun for you as you’re exposed to art you never knew existed. The ability to search for a specific kind of art is within your control. All you have to do is dive in and enjoy!

Communication Arts (slide 3)

Communication Arts is a physical magazine that you can buy and you’ll likely want to at least browse through a few printed issues so make your way to the company’s shop to look through past issues. The vibrancy of each cover pops off the page at you, guiding your eyes down the page. Communication Arts makes sure to present an organized front down the page for easy reading. Bold fonts and divider lines allow you to take in each article with their description quickly and efficiently before moving onto the next issue. It’s an effective way to minimize your time in the shop.

Communication Arts' colorful website design is set against a stark backdrop in order to create an enticing user experience where art in many forms jumps off the page at you. The electric design makes art the forefront of your vision, making it everything you focus on.

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