Goggles and Accessories Beautiful Homepage

Right away, when the user enters the website, they are presented with an interesting tab navigation that allows them to choose what they are more interested in: motos or bikes.

Both sub-websites have the same look and feel, but considering that the products displayed are specific to one of the two areas, it's a smart way of not wasting the user’s time and attention.

There is a great use of powerful photography for both the background and product images that makes this bright website very pleasant to navigate. There are alternating images with colorful backgrounds and color blocks, encouraging the user to learn more about the products.


Goggles and Accessories Beautiful Website Design

The introduction page of each series is structured in a grid without appearing stiff or plain. The bold series title and product image has a "wow" factor that draws users in, and the color palette plays key role in the visual success. The combination of many gray hues with bright yellow, red, green, blue, and purple are eye-catching.

Meanwhile, the flowing elements in parallax add to the playfulness. The huge high-quality product images make great visual influence. The final call is the introduction of the features, details, and "what's in the box," which entices viewers to click the “Buy” button.

Goggles and Accessories Beautiful Gallery Page

The “Team” page has the same high-quality full-width photo gallery at the very top, then presents the teammates in a vertical, unaligned grid. Most shots are black and white, and are accented with brown-ish activity shots that are merged throughout.

Each member's detail page brings color back to the now-fullscreen photo for drama and focus. The name of the member is displayed boldly near the bottom. If the member has more than one picture, the gallery rotates automatically; however, users can also control the images by clicking on them.

Beneath the name, the controller is shown on a black overlay, which allows users to visit other members' detail pages with previous and next arrows. The controller also has a “BIO” button that shows detailed information of the member in a popup overlay. The “CLOSE” button takes viewers back to the team landing page.

Goggles and Accessories Beautiful Product Page

The “PRODUCTS”  dropdown contains four categories to shop in (such as helmets, shown above). These pages have bright colors and bold fonts. The top of the page has tab functionality, and a sticky header navigation follows the user as they scroll and keeps the environment friendly.

The bright colors break up the sections. Each section has an auto-rotating high-quality full-width photo gallery below the title; the two icons right beneath the galley take visitors to the specific series introduction page or a full-screen gallery view. Meanwhile, the individual product detail view has multiple views within thumbnails, which are enlarged when clicked, or zoomed in on. The side arrows allow users to see other series products easily.

The structure of the page is clear. The intensity of the colors (bright yellow, red, gray, and white), the scale of the images (full-width, large, and small), the bold typography, and all other elements are beautifully arranged in a hierarchical order. The design of the dropdown on the site is something out of ordinary -- it actually takes up the entire screen, and acts more like a mobile device approach. 

Goggles and Accessories Beautiful Checkout Page

The checkout process is on-brand and easy to follow. It utilizes plenty of white space so users can quickly see what's in their cart, and where to complete their purchase. 

Goggles and Accessories is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Sports & Leisure industries.