Huge Inc Web Design Homepage

Huge Inc is a digital agency committed to making ideas become tangible realities, and their website design demonstrates that mission in action.

The agency spares no time greeting you the moment you land on their site, with a bold "Hello." to welcome you. It feels polite and inviting. The lack of color within the page puts its focus on the center of the page, letting their professionalism stand on its own.

To be frank, there is nothing more to the homepage than Huge just welcoming you. It’s a creative move that readily sets them apart from all other agencies.

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What’s better than bright photographs on a contrasting background? Why, seeing big-name companies you recognize within those photographs! That’s exactly the approach Huge Inc takes to amplify the intial impact their portfolio has on you.

Lining the page, their portfolio introduction is a slew of gorgeous photographs neatly organized on the page. It makes for quick viewing that you can scroll through.

The images are captivating, vibrant, and stand out from each other on the page. They’re crammed into one space with no boundaries, using their own borders to separate them from the next photograph. It’s a brilliant tactic to conserve space while creating a visually pleasing reprieve from the otherwise simple website.

It also serves a fantastic secondary purpose. As you scroll quickly, you can recognize some clients' names -- like seeing a Star Wars character pop out at you or seeing the name of a familiar shoe brand. Listing these unique clients and works together is a great way to quickly grab the attention of people from many different demographics at once.

It also builds your interest in seeing how Huge may have impacted your everyday life -- where might you have seen their work before? Who knows... but you may feel encouraged to dig around the site for more familiar work.

Huge Inc Top Web Design Contact Page

Huge steps out of the dark and proves to be a friendly face on their "contact" page. The agency relies on big words to make a big impact, making the overall design a bit limited. This page is no different, and yet again greets users with a simple welcome that feels on-brand.

The beautifully contrasting design of a pitch black background with bold white font makes for a stunning contact page. It’s a sleek and uniformed page that’s easy on the eyes. It also makes for incredibly simple reading, since the page quite text-heavy. Such simplicity is familiar and that’s a genius way to appeal to you.

Huge strategically designs each page for the optimum impact on its users, either relying strongly on images or the vast lack of them to be the driving force in navigation and information. The pointed choice guides users through each page carefully, giving the agency control over how you are impacted.

Huge Inc is a bold website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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