Radioaktive Film Amazing Homepage

Creating films that have swept social media on a global scale, Radioaktive Film is on the cusp of all things that are visually connective. From music videos for Coldplay to viral, inspirational TV commercials, this film production service understands how to pull the human dimension out of a product and make it personal through video production.

Their website is just as revealing. Black columns of color that dominate the page are separated only by thin, white lines that drop into view. The blackness suddenly resolves and flips around to reveal a slide of four full-screen films filled with passion, love, fear, intrigue, and curiosity—all the things that make us human. Users can access social media content, a menu, and scroll options, while the moving images of musicians and actresses, video games, and commercials enliven the screen in the backdrop. A single white line centered on each page grows darker from top to bottom, timing the transition between film samples.

Radioaktive Film Amazing Menu Design

As users navigate to the menu, the dark palette continues to draw interest, highlighting select images from various videos Radioaktive Film has produced. Five primary site options with sub-pages drop into view from the left, and headings fill with a green color when users hover over them. The scheme is subtly energetic, and it uses just enough green color to be reminiscent of radioactive gases.

With each transition to a new page, such as “Work” or “Company,” users get a break from the blackness. A bright, white screen with large, black text fills the view, indicating where users have clicked in all caps. The interface uses well placed text and graphic movements to motivate site exploration in small, but effective, ways.

Radioaktive Film Clean Website Design

Some pages invert the color scheme and use all white backgrounds with minimal blackand green highlights in text or panes of background color. As users pan across options to see more in-depth information about the services and works produced by the agency, the white background fills with a sample from each video. One video drops out of view when the users move to the next, and each sample can be clicked for a full screen experience, once more set against a black background. The entire approach keeps the UX fresh, engaging, and interactive.

There is no question that video content is key to creating a strong social media, marketing, and digital presence, and the world is interested in energetic productions that bring all of our humanity to life—the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the great. This Ukrainian company, Radioaktive Film, reflects exactly those values in a visual site presentation that’s sure to connect users to something a bit more lively than what they may have expected.

Radioaktive Film is an amazing website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.