Transact Pro Professional Homepage

Transact pro is a payments and technology company estabolished in 2004 that provides online payment acceptance and processing services for corporate clients. The website is sophisticated and clean in nature, with subtle movements of icons and infographics that give additional details where needed.

The main section of this responsive homepage features multiple videos with shape transitions. These videos help to tell the story of the company without having to read the correlating content. While the imagery and color of the site is kept to a minimal, it is also full-width (the content itself is kept to 1200 pixels). The bottom of the first section focuses on four different user pathways that drive consumers into specific areas on the site.

Transact Pro Professional Website Design

The second panel focuses on card acquisition and processing. A tabbed approached keeps this section clean and clear. Once the user clicks on a link on the left, the center information updates with another subtle animation. A call to action to start receiving online payments rounds out this section.

Transact Pro Professional Website Design

The main services panel features a full-width image and subtle icons with hover states that appear with content, keeping this section organized. 

Transact Pro Professional About Page

Each panel of this site has something unique and engaging. The background pattern has four buckets of content housing icons and supportive text and a world map with animated location dots, which completes the panel.

Transact Pro is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance and Technology industries.