Museum of Science & Industry Corporate Homepage

The Museum Of Science Site Leads Users On A Journey That Mimics Their Museum Experience

Museum Of Science And Industry in Chicago is a hub of innovation and excitement. It’s a place of learning, growth and adventure. And to help foster this sense of curiosity and wonder around all corners, the team created a stunning online platform that is sophisticated, clean and fun.

The museum website has a very minimal, organized and simple layout. The homepage is made up of a sliding header image that details certain exhibits and special attractions. And as you scroll, there are blocks of text accompanied by an image which offer more exhibition insights.

There is a great mix of content and clean, negative space that makes it easy to navigate around the site and absorb the information available.

And the straightforward colored blocks help to differentiate the text from the imagery in a streamlined way.

There is also a minimal menu bar that allows users to explore, visit and support the museum. Clear and bright CTA boxes ease navigation even further and add to the overall minimal nature of this site.

This is a regal and proud institution, but it doesn’t let its website feel too corporate or cold. There’s an infusion of excitement and anticipation that comes from the modern and minimal layout that draws you in.

There’s a heavy emphasis on imagery and empty space, making for an organized and streamlined interface that puts its exhibits front and center in much the same way the museum does inside its walls.

This site quite literally mimics the experience of walking through the museum. Right up front, you’re met with the biggest exhibitions currently on display — these are the limited time, special exhibitions.

Then as you scroll, there’s a soothing, tranquil and peaceful way in which the website opens up with white space, allowing you to really absorb the content blocks that slide into view.

This website was built to mirror the experience in the museum, and it does so fluidly.

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Museum Of Science Bold Website Design

A Soothing Color Palette Keeps the User Experience Consistent And Authentic

Not only does the organized, straightforward and clean layout of the site lead you on a peaceful journey, but so does the color palette.

A blue and white color palette, created in a variety of hues, adds a touch of majesty and enthusiasm that makes science seem fun.

It lightens the mood, but at the same time brings an authority to the design and to the institution. The color blue correlates with confidence and authority. It’s a color that is strong, bold and demanding — but it also soothes and relaxes.

And the two feelings combine in this design to make people feel like they are discovering mysteries as they are taken on a journey through the exhibitions.

The color palette here feels like it fits — the theme of science and exploration scream the colors blue and green. So this color also fits in with the personality of the museum, creating a consistent and cohesive experience inside and out.

Color can drive action and promote a given feeling. And in this design, it gives the museum an excellence and an authority that is unparalleled.

Museum of Science & Industry Corporate News Page

Bold Imagery Grabs Your Attention And Reels You In

This website wouldn’t be able to succeed without the big, bold and engaging blocks of imagery that line the pages.

Photographs, videos and more all work to give visitors a peek into the exhibitions that the museum has to offer. And these high-res photographs really capture the essence of the scientific scenes that the museum puts on display.

And it certainly creates an experience that is almost impossible to ignore.

These images make science look fun. They’re engaging and eye-catching and full of enthusiasm -- an enthusiasm you yourself can experience if you decide to visit.

Images have a way of engaging with viewers more organically and more quickly. And users are more excited to interact with an image than a block of text — there’s less work involved with images and it gives them something more tangible to remember.

And for a museum website, images are key.

Museum Of Science Professional Website Design

Dynamic Elements Create An Urgency That Keeps You Scrolling

This might be a professional, educational website. But it still infuses some playful elements to keep people engaged and encourage them to continue searching and scrolling throughout the site.

As you scroll, images, photographs and text float into view. It’s subtle, but eye-catching and causes you to keep scrolling to see more dynamic movement.

Similarly, some images contain moving parts — steam floating peacefully in the background, just to give you an example.

And that’s exciting. It’s telling of the institution and fosters a sense of creativity and inspiration.

Movement draws us in and keeps us motivated to learn more. And the subtle and seamless integration of movement into this website design gives it a modern, sophisticated and authentic edge while still fostering a playfulness that is approachable for science-lovers of all ages.

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Museum Of Science Minimal Website Design

What The Chicago Museum Of Science And Industry Is All About

Chicago’s Museum Of Science And Industry is an ingenious and innovative destination that aims to inspire, enlighten and fascinate. It’s a place for people to explore and learn, and it wants to emulate that inside the museum and out.

This fascinating institution was founded in 1933 and resides in the former Palace Of Fine Arts. And it still holds with it that regal and sophisticated legacy.

Some of the notable exhibits and artifacts in its walls include a module from the Apollo 8, a German submarine from WWII, and a replica coal mine.

This museum was created with the purpose of getting people engaged. The creators wanted visitors to interact and get involved. And this tangible experience has helped establish the museum as a must-visit attraction in the city of Chicago.

According to the site:

At the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, we are guided by our mission and responsibility to build public understanding of science, show how science impacts our society and inspire everyone to think critically about the world around us. Recently there’s been increased public discourse and even questioning about the importance and integrity of science. Fundamental principles of scientific investigation and discovery are being questioned, as is the validity of science as a tool that can help shape policy and contribute to the wellbeing of everyone in our society and around the world. In the midst of this discourse, we are committed to working harder than ever to champion science because science is vitally important to our every day life. Science – along with technology, medicine and engineering– has made invaluable contributions to the world as we know it today. It has allowed us to live longer, explore new galaxies and care for our planet, driving global economies and creating entire industries along the way. And thanks to curious minds, innovation continues, making critical advancements to help us live better today and inspiring opportunities for the next generation.

This museum has a mission to educate and inspire the masses, keeping the sciences a constant topic of conversation so people continue to understand their importance. And with this intricate, interactive and engaging site, they put this mission first around every corner.

Museum Of Science Clean Website Design

A Soothing Web Design Leads Users Effortlessly Through This Scientific Site

Love science? Love to educate yourself in a hands-on way? Check out Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, where learning and science become an interactive experience.

MSI Chicago creates state of the art exhibits to tantalize your scientific curiosity in. Dynamic photographs with enlarged fonts bring you the amazing exhibits on display. Rolling effects flip through each combination in slow motion, giving it time to pique your interest. Luscious blue hues tie the images together as each pulls from the same shades for a uniform feeling.

Long live your curiosity! MSI Chicago creates a platform revolving around drawing you in. As you scroll, colored text boxes combine with crisp photographs to line the homepage with up to date information about the latest and greatest exhibits.

It’s a brilliant way to keep you coming back to their website (and their museum). While the information is continuously updated, the website keeps a white-blue color scheme, maintaining consistency in visual design.

Take in the fullness that MSI Chicago has to offer by taking in every exhibit you’ll find. The visual variety of the homepage goes away as the website creates a design where the organization is the vital element.

Down the length of the page, each exhibit is given the same format of a teaser picture over a white text box. It’s a minimal approach that gives the page the cleanliness it needs to help you move through the long list of exhibits with speed.

With so many avenues for support, it’s no wonder MSI Chicago puts together a distinctive list of areas to find news articles for users. Gray and white are key to helping move the eyes down the page, as they separate company divisions for easy reading.

Zigzagging down the page, photographs are used to create minimal diversity while text becomes the primary focus. The limited visual choices help move you rapidly through the page and lead you to even more intriguing pages.

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is a place to disappear into for a day. Thus, sparking users' curiosity is the foundation for the website design to successfully bring in a flow of museum-goers.

Clear photographs become the essential link to creating visual curiosity while the website’s continuously updated homepage amplifies the pending experience.

This is a stunning and serene online platform that excites with simplicity and an edgy, modern feel.