FLATS Chicago Elegant Homepage

Stories are buried a thousand places and within a billion people. They are stuck in the chalk-smattering sidewalks and the sticks squeezed into chain link fences. If only we listen, if only we look, we will find stories all around us.

Spanning five apartment buildings, FLATS Chicago is a real estate group that understands the value of the stories within its walls. FLATS are more than uptown properties; they are filled with unique people who are creating a one-of-a-kind community.

Reflecting this passion for people, the FLATS web design captures the narratives of creators, employees, craftsmen, and designers living in Chicago. Full screen images of people from the FLATS greet users, instantly capturing their interest with short pops of descriptions of featured community members.

FLATS Chicago Elegant Website Design

Like the stories found in everyday lives, the details that direct navigation are subtle throughout this site. White and black fonts use simple language to weave a clear narrative of these Chicago neighborhoods, and small illustrated icons in light-brown coloring shift in response to user interaction. Each scroll on the landing page reveals a single, new story.

FLATS Chicago Elegant Website Design

When it’s time to move on, users can navigate from a simple bar on the left side or peruse icons in the upper right-hand corner to learn more about the new place. Pages detailing the five apartment options use staggered images and illustrations to display each area.

Every illustration of the FLATS buildings is surrounded by negative space in the shape of a postage stamp, and they link to images of life within that community, including food and entertainment options and outdoor experiences. The site structure is clean and easy, suggesting a fresh start to your own story in a new Chicago community.

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