Beo Bank Colorful Homepage

Beo Bank is a credit card company dedicated to providing a modern alternative to the traditional credit card experience. As such, they require a site with a design that is anything but ordinary. Fortunately they've managed to design a series of powerful and well-equipped pages that promote a consistent brand image while also presenting BEO as alternative to the stuffy world of finance.

The homepage demonstrates the success of this endeavor, by blending user expectations of a credit card company with a web mechanic that adds a more dynamic connotation to an otherwise less than glamorous industry.

The page is colorful and vibrant, while the ever moving credit cards to the right add a bit of eye catching brilliance. It's a subtle trick, but an effective one. By embedding even just one animated element, the designer has brought the entire page to life.

This “About” section of the site is another example of how subtle animation - this time mixed with interactivity - can create an experience from nothing. Rather than allowing the page’s information to rest in stagnation, the designer has created a slight animated activity, drawing users deeper into the experience of the site.

Users are able to click through a variety of icons, each of which cues up a new piece of information. This very subtle animation just brings a superior richness to the UX, keeps users engaged, and perpetuates the brand.

Beo Bank Clean Contact Page

The contact page is again yet another example of how skillful design can bring simple animation and interactivity into otherwise nondescript components of a site. Users enter their information in several pages, requiring them to click the various icons to access the next page of the form. All of these pages reinforce the UX and particular branding initiatives of the company. By bringing compelling interactivity and subtle animation into the fabric of their site BEO is proving that they aren't a run-of-the-mill credit card company.

Beo Bank is a colorful website design in the Banking & Finance industry.