Rokkan Beautiful Homepage

Welcome to Rokkan, where belief is everything. They believe in you, they believe in your brand, and they believe in their own abilities to bring your brand to the front in an ever-changing culture.

Fall into Rokkan, where beautiful designs are everything! Your introduction to their site demonstrates this wonderfully through the use of a slideshow as the first thing you see. Each slide is comprised of a well put together video clip that the company designed for the campaign. Scrawled over the center of the clip you’ll find the name of the clients Rokkan worked for.

They’re big names you’re certain to recognize! The choice to display such names in combination with the beautifully designed videos allows you the ability to gain an insight to what Rokkan is capable of. Take time to look at each of the seven sliders and see the full scope of their talent.

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Rokkan Beautiful News Page

Minimalism becomes key as you dive into Rokkan’s news center. The extraordinary black, white, and grey color scheme is complemented by smatterings of gold as your eyes wander down the page. The presentation of the actual article is simple by filling the page with text. Organization lends a hand to the formatting to make sure that you can breeze through the article without being visually caught up. It’s an elegant combination choice that’s easy on the eyes, allowing your focus to fall primarily on the article’s content.

Rokkan Beautiful Contact Page

Ready to see the world? Well, maybe not the entire world, but just the corners that Rokkan has made a lasting impression. Head on over to the company's contact page. In what can only be described as amazing, the site lines the page with breathtaking photographs of each city they have an office in. From stunning sunrises to night shots, you're treated to the skyline of each one. It's a unique and completely different approach to letting you know where their offices are at. The choice is also highly effective because you're not going to forget it anytime soon!

Rokkan makes beauty the forefront of their design choices as users wander through their website. Awe-inspiring photographs and stunning video clips combine with elegant coloring to create an unforgettable visual experience for users.

Rokkan is a beautiful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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