Action Mary website design

Action Mary’s Homepage Delivers The Company’s Mission Statement And UVP In A Visually Striking Fashion

Action Mary is a Seattle-based team of branding, PR, advertising and design experts. Their website was developed and designed in-house, with the support of World Web Technology which integrated the design into WordPress along with JavaScript animation. 

As an agency oriented toward creating unique brand experiences, Action Mary takes a distinctly anti-corporate approach with its messaging, tone of voice and design.

The company understands the importance of relatable, personalized communication even in a B2B sphere and makes a point of this on its opening, pre-home page screen with a mosaic of faces and a catchy “There Is No Them” tagline.

The homepage takes an even more radical stance: instead of condensing as much info as possible and leading prospects down the funnel, it consists only of a garish collage of a person holding a helmet and a unique value proposition in a bold typeface that says:

“At Action Mary we believe that a great brand is a compassionate brand, tuned into what’s affecting the people around it. Great brands listen actively and respond thoughtfully.”

This sums up the company’s mission statement as well as their core values that are reflected in the website’s layout and design.

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Action Mary website design

An Interplay Of Bold Visuals And Relaxed Copy Give Action Mary A Humanized Dimension

The quirky aesthetic is essentially the story of Action Mary’s entire website.

From the intro screen right to the Blog and Contact Us pages, the website is clad in vibrant hues, high-quality imagery and graphic elements that are all taken from the book of modern web design’s best practices.

The visuals reflect the playful nature of this agency that claims that “benevolence and the bottom line can live happily ever after.”

Instead of the usual stock images of business people in office environments, the agency employs smiling portraits of people in the streets and other everyday situations.

To go hand in hand with this visual friendliness, Action Mary’s messaging never strays from to-the-point facts about their professional services – but it does so in a relaxed and (not too) casual tone of voice.

The manner in which the agency speaks to its prospective clients aligns with the value proposition they are aiming to get across: that they are capable of defining and showcasing a unique, stand-out brand image of any company that chooses to be their client.

Action Mary website design

Action Mary’s Website Navigation Contains Critical Prospect Education Points

The user journey begins and ends with the main menu navigation located in the top right corner of the screen.

The “Menu” item, in the sans-serif Impact font, opens up a sliding menu from the right that takes up the whole screen against the white background.

Instead of standardized corporate copy like “Portfolio,” “Services,” “About” and so on, the agency uses a warmer, more personal tone of voice with “Who We Are,” “What We Do,” “Why We Do It” etc.

The ordering of these menu items forms a natural flow of the company narrative: the first one educates the prospects on the company and its team with a very concise bit of copy.

The second is a whole list of services Action Mary provides, the third elaborates on their brand values while the fourth menu item and page, “Friends of Mary,” showcases some of the services in action, ie. a portfolio of their work.

This navigation structure forms an intuitive user journey through several main education points that ends with a “Get in Touch” conversion point.

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Action Mary website design

A Dedicated Blog Section Uses Pop-Art Imagery And A Two-Column Layout For Content Display

Just below the “Menu” item in the top right corner is the curiously dubbed “Oh, Mary” link.

A visitor, wondering what lies beyond such off-beat, unique copy and clicking on it, will land on the website’s blog page that bears a large-scale pop-art portrait of a young woman a la Roy Lichtenstein.

Scrolling down, the page reveals dozens of informative blog articles on various subjects, arranged in two neat columns with only blog article titles, belonging background image and the name of the author.

Action Mary website design

Client Testimonials And A Trust-Building Portfolio Lend A Glimpse Into Action Mary’s Service Excellence

The “Friends of Mary” page is a testimony to the agency’s past successes and a spot where future clients can find examples of Action Mary’s expertise.

Just below the fold where vivid colors, hi-res images and large-font copy lay, select client testimonials are presented in their own box with a brand name, logo and a clickable “Read the Story” button that opens a piece of text in the same box.

The overview and key takeaways describe what the company has done to solve the pain points of each client. Past this point, when a visitor scrolls down, is a collection of logos of brands that have, in some capacity, partnered with Action Mary.

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Action Mary website design

Action Mary’s Website Design Values Fast & Effective UX That Delivers The Right Messaging At The Right Time

The compelling visuals of Action Mary’s website never for a second compromise its loading speed and performance - not on desktop and not on mobile devices.

The user experience is top-notch throughout, as stunning, lightweight pages inform and educate leads on the agency’s core values, professional capabilities and track record.

There is a feeling of on-brand design and messaging every step of the way.

Action Mary’s Colorful Design Highlights The Uniqueness Of The Company’s Branding Services (slide 7)

Action Mary’s Website Design Values Fast & Effective UX That Delivers The Right Messaging At The Right Time

The more humanized and personalized way in which the company communicates with its audience is a reflection of their beliefs about what constitutes good branding today.

In their own words:

“We humans are wildly different. And that’s what unites us. No matter what our individual lives look like, our shared experience on this planet binds us together even as the currents of social change roil around us. This is our truth at Action Mary. We are a fiery team of PR pros, creators and designers helping clients elevate the common human element inherent in their brand to lead positive change in the world.

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