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Technological progress pushes communities and countries into the future. Humanity itself is being defined and redefined. Yet, one company has returned to the basics to find beauty, inspiration, and connection. Bearideas is a digital service that’s merging a love for nature with imaginative tech skills to develop truly innovative content for brands.

A brand makes a company, cause, or product memorable, and this site design demonstrates that concept in tangible, entertaining ways. A bear theme playfully presents all their branding services, design teams, and content. Users are welcomed onto the Bearideas interface by being invited to select whether their mood is more like a polar bear or a black bear.

Whichever they choose leads to a site design with mostly white or black color schemes. Small lines and text headings brighten in response to user interactions, and a sleeping bear rests in a dark background image on the site. She rouses only when users move the mouse over four columns with navigation options.

BearIdeas Awesome About Page

On the black bear version of the site, users can click into one of the menu options and view projects, information, and team members. New site pagesload with a bright yellow background before switching to black. Everything about this site keeps a tension between professionalism and playfulness.

Images pick up the humorous theme by displaying team members in plaid outdoor clothes, interacting in funny ways with nature. One team member is hit by a fish, and another is eating raw meat with prehistoric intensity. Text headings and written content use common phrasing—often without punctuation or capitalization—to connect with user audiences in more casual ways.

BearIdeas Awesome Portfolio

The entire site rotates fill, text, and border colors between black, white, and yellow for consistency, but features provide unexpected ways to draw users into the experience. Tiny yellow circles move behind icons, and a light opaque film overlays yellow and white text boxes when users move the mouse. The thin white lines that opened the site are repeated for visual continuity, but small bubbles filled with bright yellow are scattered across pages to break up contrasts and highlight various features across the site.

Images and text load with a delayed reveal effect, and yellow borders fill empty space until more interactive content or project images appear on site pages. Buttons outlined in white suddenly fill with yellow color when users hover. The full design cleverly uses all kinds of artistic features and detailed effects to connect people to the interface, services, and branding theme in comical and creative ways.

BearIdeas is an awesome website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Technology industries.