Bonds Mashup Home Page Website Design

Bonds’ E-Commerce Website Lets Users Create Their Own Swimwear Combinations In A Colorful And Crazy Way

Bonds is a popular fashion retailer known for its chic and modern fashion designs

It's is an Australian retailer that produces quality fashion at affordable prices for men, women, and children. From everyday wardrobe essentials to hoodies, dresses and more -- Bonds connects consumers with the fashion that's perfect for their own personal style.

It's a brand with a very specific audience -- millennials that are up-to-date with what's hot and what's in season. And to add to this brand and it's identity, Bonds created a dynamic web design that engages with their audience even further.

The Bonds Mash Up online site is an interactive way for users to play with their style and find a piece that they can rock with excitement and satisfaction. With this website design, users can choose from a variety of prints and colors to create swimwear that rocks. Choose the style, the pattern and the flair fit for you in this two-step design.

Bonds is one of the many brands under the Bond & Co. umbrella. This digital destination offers users a variety of brands and styles to choose from, all from one helpful platform. It's an innovative experience that makes shopping a breeze.

Bonds Australia online offers the comfiest men's, women's, kids' and baby clothes, undies and socks at affordable prices. With everyday wardrobe essentials including tees, hoodies, and socks, Bonds has a style for every member of the family. Bump up your basics with the Bonds range of men's and women's underwear, bras, trunks and briefs. Browse our extensive collection of mens and women's clothing including trackies, shorts, activewear, swimwear, sleepwear and more. Step out in comfy style in our wide selection of men's, women's, kids and baby socks and tights. Update their everyday essentials with our adorable range of boys' and girls' trackies, hoodies, tees, skirts, dresses and more. Babywear is what Bonds does best. Stock up on all your must-haves for newborns and toddlers including baby clothes, Zip Wondersuits, socks, underwear and more.

This is a website that stuns. It's simple, efficient and fun. But it's the Mash Up page that really steals the show with its modernity, innovation, and excitement.

Buying swimwear is fun, but it often loses its luster after dozens of suits and hours of trying to find the right fit, color and look. But this website makes the process a whole lot easier.

This Mash Up page is colorful, vibrant and showstopping. It's engaging and interactive, pulling users in with ease and walking them through a quick and seamless process that connects them with the swimsuit that will make their summer the best in a while.

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Bonds Mashup Preview Website Design

Bonds Is An Interactive Destination That Creates Urgency And Excitement For Millennial Audiences

Letting users play around with this website is an innately interactive quality that elevates this design almost immediately.

The Bonds website is creative, colorful and full of dynamic urgency. It’s not your average shopping website — it’s not just an array of product pages and styles. It’s a website that lets you create your own design — like a create-your-own-destiny game. This site excites from the second you click on the page, and every second you stick around.

The site makes finding your next swimsuit a breezy, paradise-esque dream. Immediately, you see the main page with the Mash Up logo. It’s surrounded by a box and the entire design enthuses with moving colors and shapes. The bright white background offers a clean contrast that lulls you into the site.

When you enter, you’re met with a model rocking the bathing suits the brand offers. She walks across the screen, spins and walks off. Images pop in and out. Images fade in and fade away. And all the while, patterns dance behind the model — zig-zags and zebra prints and cheetah prints and swirls and dots and more.

Bright pinks and oranges, smooth purples and blues, electric greens and reds — these are just a few of the colors that catch your eye and get you enthused. And these colors are extremely effective in their dynamic nature.

But it’s not just the vivid nature of these colors that demand attention. It’s the dancing shapes and the seamless way they flow together that’s equally pleasing and alarming. There’s a slight discrepancy created from the changing colors that don’t quite match or align. And this mix of feelings creates a sense of urgency that compels the user to keep following along.

These colors dance, ebb and flow — but it’s also the overall user journey that keeps people motivated. These moving patterns are consistent across all pages — from the homepage to the “choice” pages and beyond.

It’s seamless and intuitive — only giving users a select few options marked by clear CTAs. It’s a clear and quick process. Users only get to make two choices while the website does all the work for them, showing them these designs from all angles and in a fun and flirty way that lets them imagine themselves as the models on the screen.

Millennials want modern and fresh. They want easy and eye-catching. And this design ticks all of these boxes, and then some.

Bonds' Mashup Choices Website Design

The Bonds Website Uses Modern Movement And Dynamic Patterns To Grab Attention

Bright colors, exciting patterns, and modern movement adds an edgy and playful vibe to this website.

The Bonds Mash Up page is fluid, dreamy and fun on one hand, and dynamic, innovative and bombastic on the other. This comes from the layering of crazy, creative patterns. It also comes from the quick, two-step process tht leads users quickly and efficiently to their new favorite swimsuit.

But another element that engages users and creates an air of personality, urgency and playful fun is the interactive nature of the dancing designs.

The background of this website is made up of a mashup of patterns -- making the page name aptly put. These designs move and shake and wow. They flow in and out. They grow and shrink. And the patterns are constantly changing -- even as the model moves and shakes herself.

You can click on the page, and the design that is currently there is placed onto the model. And there's even more fun with mouse movements too. Moving the mouse across the sites leaves in its wake a line of colorful design.

It's extremely intuitive, interactive and engaging. It's fluid and flirty. It demands to be seen.

And this movement lives on all pages. There's a wave effect in the square quilt designs. There's a depth as the design almost moves with the eye.

Overall, this movement inspires. It creates urgency. It ushers people through the two-step process and propels them to the "Shop" page.

Buying swimsuits is more fun than ever, and Bonds is trying to create that excitement through its website design. Bright, flashy, jumbled and jarring -- this design sounds like it would turn you off, but it does the opposite.

This movement is edgy, chic and modern. It's a design that elevates the page and the brand in a surreal and fresh way. This appeals directly to a younger audience -- an audience that appreciates dynamic elements and almost chaotic movement and patterns. 

And considering this brand is directed at a modern, millennial audience, this crazy, captivating design works.

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Bonds Website Model Website Design

The Bonds Digital Platform Is An Exciting Preview Page That Creatively Promotes The Brand's Products

This exciting and spectacular website plays with interactivity in a creative way.

It's a simple and streamlined website that connects users with the fashion that can help their own personal style shine. Its simplicity is key to the design, guiding users quickly and seamlessly through the process and urging them to the checkout page.

Finding swimsuits can be challenging. It can be frustrating, anxiety-inducing and unnerving. But this site adds a more fun and playful vibe to the overall experience that is often missing from in-store experiences and always absent from the online shopping hype.

This website lets users make their own swimsuit. They can choose the style, colors and patterns. And they see these styles in action. 

Models dance on the screen, walking and shaking and having fun against a colorful, playful and pattern-filled background. There's movement in the colors and shapes, as well as in the mouse movement, which move the background as you check out the swimsuit you might buy.

Clear CTAs give you the option to choose the color and style. And then you can even download the look, or share it on social media. 

This interactive and exciting page brings swimwear to life, and its simple and serene process gives users only a few options before buying.

An obvious, "Shop" icon sits on the top right corner. Users are immediately then taken to a page where they can find the suit and buy it.

Straightforward, simple and effective -- this website is a dynamic and creative design that makes buying swimsuits a much more fun and carefree process.