Sun King Website Design

The Sun King Website Promotes Great Product Efficiency Through Excellent Homepage Design

Our planet is teeming with natural resources, yet surprisingly, 1.8 billion people are still living today without sustainable access to electricity.

Enter Sun King – a company committed to providing brighter days to people who need them most. They produce, distribute, install and finance solar-powered products in far-flung areas with limited energy resources.

Their website, designed by Huemor, shines just as brightly as their noble mission.

As site visitors step onto the homepage, they can marvel at the hero header video that paints a moving picture of the brand’s vision for an illuminated future. Underneath the banner are moving statistics of the company’s progress plus leading products that encapsulate the company’s key offerings.

With this, a strong brand positioning is set in place. 

Straightforward and approachable messaging allows potential customers and investors to instantly get an idea of what’s in store for them should they decide to buy or invest in the company.

Several CTA buttons on the homepage also provide more comfortable navigation for site visitors looking for the most viable solar power option on the website.

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Sun King About Page Design

The About Page Designed by Huemor Presents the Sun King Journey with an Eye-Catching Gallery Grid

A website’s About Page is not just an avenue for introducing the brand and highlighting bits and pieces about its history. It’s also an opportunity to establish your credibility and capture the hearts of your potential stakeholders.

This is where the art of storytelling comes in, which some of the best web design agencies employ too. The designers at Huemor nailed Sun King’s About Page by incorporating a comprehensive image grid.

The page has an integrated moving gallery that features the company in action. High-resolution snapshots of successful projects, partnerships and installation activities are enough to tell the story of how Sun King continues to illuminate lives across the globe.

You'll see statistics and progress indicators scattered all over the page when you scroll down. This design move makes the company much more appealing to prospective customers and investors. Instead of going for lengthy text descriptions, the designers went with bite-sized content enough to establish credibility.

Sun King Product Page Design

Sun King Website Design Not Just Entices; It Informs Too with Comprehensive Product Pages

Some interested customers are not tech-savvy. So, to help them decide which product is the best for them, the designers created an informative and attractive website.

Huemor designed a Product Collection page that properly categorizes the products according to type and function. This way, it’s easier for site visitors to look for the products that fit their needs.

The most crucial aspect lies in the individual product pages. Since solar energy is a relatively technical concept, the agency decided to educate the audience through proper layout, just enough copy and a clean presentation.

Aside from the product specifications, they added extra details such as product inclusions, uses for each and how it works.

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Sun King Web Design by Huemor

The Sun King Website Design by Huemor Adapts a Simple Color Story That Makes Everything Flow Easily

Color choices can make or break a visual identity. And indeed, the designers didn't plan to break anything here. They went with yellow to express the character and story of the brand.

This color best represents the elements revolving around the brand: sun, energy, power and efficiency.

While browsing, it's impossible not to gravitate to this bright color. Especially since the designers made it pop by pairing it with neutral shades such as black and white.

Overall, this balanced color dynamic also provides a comfortable viewing experience for the site visitors.

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