Humbleteam CTRL SHIFT! Website Design

Colorful, Dynamic, Modern and a Bit Retro – The CTRL SHIFT! Podcast Website Design Blends Styles Like Topics

As you wait for the loading screen to take you to the landing page, you witness two power cords meeting in the middle and connecting – turning on the power and bringing color to the previously dark screen.

The loaded homepage greets you with a strong, energetic orange background across the entire screen. The tone is broken down by the white, capitalized nametag in the center of the screen.

Beneath the curious, playful font choice announcing you’ve entered the realm of the CTRL SHIFT!, you’ll find a simple illustration of a PC mouse inviting you to scroll for more.

And as soon as you do, a hand appears on the top and “draws” the homepage away, taking you to the next stage of your exciting journey designed by Humbleteam.

Humbleteam Website Design

The Transition Is a Hallway With an Effective Prologue

The dynamic display switch contrasts the aggressive bright orange background with a cool mouse gray. The left side of the screen shows a straight-to-the-point typeface describing what you can expect from the website from this point on.

There are also a couple of fixed elements. The top right corner features the scaled-down logo, whereas the footer region depicts all the possible streaming services where you can listen to the podcast and social media links.

On the right half, a bright orange keyboard figure stretches across the screen as you keep scrolling, emulating interesting dynamic features and animations

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Website Design by Humbleteam

A Topical Journey Through Isometric Art Prominent With Cool Animations

The CTRL SHIFT! Podcast’s web design visualizes the brand name through an extended illustration of a bright orange and white keyboard brought to life through the clever use of the isometric style. The keyboard forms a loop with time stops after scrolling.

Each "stop" shows cute cartoony animations depicting the episode's topic intriguingly and engagingly. Below the animation, there's a short textual explanation of the episode that complements the visual aid on the keyboard. Explore best podcast website designs in this article.

Whether it's a cat playing chess by itself (teasing an episode about algorithm shifts) or a 90s Disney-like coin "running" in a hamster wheel (introducing the topic of career shifts), the exploration of the creative force of portraying the topics is endless!

You may consult with a branding agency to ensure your website's visuals are on-brand and speaks your company personality. 

Humbleteam CTRL SHIFT Podcast Website Design

A Typography Blend To Balance Out the Fun and Serious Vibes of the Design

The headlines are represented with the font from the Neue Machina family – inspired by the robotic and machinery aesthetics with a futuristic feel. Contrary to this bold header choice, the modern yet traditional TT interface font is used for the rest of the typeface.

This single-page website layout is imagined as an exciting mix of retro animations and isometric art styles combined with modern typography choices.

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