MetaDesign Colorful Homepage

“Beauty will only take you so far.” Such a simple statement carries such heavy undertones. That’s how MetaDesign draws you in—they pack a punch into a single sentence.

MetaDesign wants to create not only beautiful but versatile branding designs when it comes to their clients. With the focus on the brands, the company keeps their website design basic by utilizing a flat color scheme of red, black, and white with absolutely no variations. They’re power colors, just as MetaDesign works to create powerful brand identities for their clients.

With offices located in China, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States, the company needs to present a diverse website, and they make that possible from the very front page. Beside the menu, potential clients have the option to switch between a number of languages for the website’s textual content. The diversity bodes well in speaking volumes for the UI, ensuring that users across the globe are able to access the information.

MetaDesign Colorful Portfolio

Presented in a vivid grid pattern of crisp photographs, MetaDesign displays an international portfolio. Here, users can view a wide range of projects the company has worked on. Images are bright, clear, and able to catch the eye of all viewers. Each square grid contains an image and if users hover their cursors over a square, MetaDesign gives a description of where the project was used and why, providing a straightforward organization scheme that stimulates the user’s interest.

MetaDesign Colorful Blog Page

With their focus on design, MetaDesign showcases a fun and interactive blog where users can immerse themselves in everything that the company prides themselves in. Through the blog, which MetaDesign has titled “MetaThinking,” users can read about projects and learn more about the company. Some of the featured projects in the blog even allow users to directly interact with them—like Polka Dot Dot Com, where users can create circles within circles through a colorful design by the powers of four. There are a number of fun games to flip through here that are all design-based and show off just how creative MetaDesign can be!

MetaDesign’s fullscreen images, symmetrical grid portfolio, and interactive blog pages all work together to present a cohesive, fun, and professional website. Users will easily be enticed by the content, all while enjoying their experience on the site.

MetaDesign is a colorful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.