Jordan Sowers Clean Homepage

Creative director Jordan Sowers takes the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” to the next level. Sowers’ online portfolio combines minimal concepts with parallax scrolling and visual mapping. This helpful design enhances the UI by using imagery as a way to capture the user’s attention.

Jordan Sowers Clean Website Design

The home page uses parallax scroll design, giving the illusion that there’s a three-dimensional object in a two-dimensional space. Users can scroll up to move on to the next image, which further intensifies the UX and UI.

Jordan Sowers Clean Projects Page

Each photo represents one of Sowers’ many projects. He uses visual imagery to showcase his talents. The portfolio uses the “show instead of tell” method, allowing users to get a glimpse into Sowers’ artistry on their own.

Jordan Sowers Clean Website Design

On the right side of the page is a vertical ellipsis menu. Users can click on a dot, or they can continue to scroll through the portfolio. Each page in the gallery shows different formats of Sowers’ creative designs, giving users the opportunity to see his work in real-time.

Jordan Sowers takes minimalist and visual conceptualization to a whole new level. His online portfolio is fresh, inviting, and basic, leading users to the meat of the page—his work. It separates him from other artists’ portfolio designs, because the site is less about the man and more about the artistry.

Jordan Sowers is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.