5 Best Websites With Video On Homepage for 2023

5 Best Websites With Video On Homepage for 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Website designs with structured mapping and artistic layout are good. But designs that include video in the background? Even better. No wonder professional web designers jumped on this trend. Here’s why!

Embedding videos on your website, especially if they’re curated to match your design theme, is a smart move to keep your audience hooked. Aside from their contribution to a website’s visual aspect, videos in website design greatly affect the analytics, too.

People tend to spend up to 2.6% times more on websites with videos. In return, engagement metrics such as time spent on site, bounce rate, and social media shares increase significantly.

Yet surprisingly, not a lot of brands take advantage of these benefits. That's your chance to topple the competition. Integrate video assets on your site and possibly overtake your competitors’ website performance (and conversion, in the long run!) with these 5 best videos in website designs you can refer to.

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1. Talent10 by DarkMatter

Talent10 website with video on homepage
[Source: Talent10]

Standout Features

  • Bluish purple overlay
  • Takes up the entire screen
  • Seamless transition

The future is here!

The Talent10 web design by DarkMatter screams computer technology and futuristic visuals through its one of the best websites with video on the homepage for 2023 with a bluish-purple overlay.

The site opens with the brand’s logo animated with a television static effect, then continues with slides about Technology, Gaming, and Content. Talent10 invests in businesses involved in the mentioned industries and commits to their growth and development.

These video slides take up the entire screen, complete with a title (the industry name), a brief copy about the brand’s strategy in connecting with these industry-deep businesses, and a call-to-action (CTA) text at the end of each content that leads to the contact page.

Clips of coding and microchips are played for the Technology slide, while video games and game designing snippets are displayed for Gaming. Content and Joy slides both showcase cinematic shots of people interaction set in different decades.

A total of four varying visuals with transitions so seamless, worthy of a chef’s kiss!

The videos appear in this order: Technology, Gaming, Content, and Joy. With just one scroll, the texts fade out and get replaced (with a fade-in transition too) with the next slide’s copy. The video background seems to disintegrate into tiny pixels only to be formed into a different video together with the next slide’s content.

These transition effects are what make this website design extraordinary. DarkMatter managed to communicate to their client’s (Talent10) target market easily without urging the visitors to browse too many pages or go deeply on the site. The decision to stitch these four videos and display them full-screen coupled with the right information left the audience with clear options and enough idea of what Talent10 is all about.

When you click on the hamburger menu icon at the upper right corner, you’re in for a very appealing surprise. There’s a mini rectangular screen that plays video clips of some of the company's works. It also displays the pages you’re suggested to visit, Talent10’s headquarters address, and contact details.

2. Biquiti by Hppy Hour Digital

Biquiti by Hppy Hour Digital Website Video Design
[Source: Biquiti]

Standout Features

  • Concept of continuity
  • Symbolic elements and brand-related
  • Interconnected videos

Biquiti’s goal as a brand is simple: they aim to help people send money or cryptocurrency to anyone around the world. And Hppy Hour Digital effectively conveyed this goal through their design.

The video follows a three-dimensional round gold that travels along the first four sections of the homepage. Considering the brand’s vision and their three-step system (Fund-Send-Receive), it’s safe to look at this 3D gold as the money or crypto coin being processed on their platform.

In Biquiti’s 3-step process, Fund comes first. This is visualized by the 3D gold being deposited in a pit in the first section of the homepage. The gold drops and bounces once before it falls into a hole that connects to the next section, which is a C-shaped slide.

We’d like to think this next part is a visualization of the second step (Send) wherein the 3D gold is seamlessly transferred from one place to another – much like how Biquiti’s vision of fast and frictionless transfers. This C-shaped slide then leads to a silver ring hung right at the end of it. The 3D gold transforms from round to cube once it passes through the silver ring.

The golden cube rides a conveyor belt going to the final video section. It then lands on a mini stage where it breaks into little golden round pieces.

With a clean white and muted blue background, the 3D round gold element stands out and pulls the visitors’ attention to wherever it goes on the page. Aside from this, the interconnected video sections urge visitors to stay longer on-page and see where the golden element is going next – one creative way to lower the bounce rate on site.

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3. Fabio Formato by Gianluca Armenio

Fabio Formato website with video on homepage
[Source: Fabio Formato]

Standout Features

  • Video on loop
  • Cinematic quality
  • Responsive video

As a videographer who accepts clients worldwide, Fabio Formato wanted to have a solid online presence. Gianluca Armenio didn’t disappoint. He decided to go big in designing Formato’s website. He combined big texts, massive graphics, and full-screen videos in this website design.

Right off the bat, visitors to this page get welcomed with a featured video of the client’s (Fabio Formato) works. The video reel sits comfortably in the middle, effortlessly resizing to the size of the device the visitors are viewing from.

Perhaps this is the one area the designers and webmasters could have given more attention to. When visitors are viewing from a 15 to 16-inch device, elements such as the menu navigation and logo will slightly overlap with the embedded video. However, on smaller screens like mobile phones and tablets, this issue doesn’t seem to persist.

Try browsing through the projects enumerated at the bottom of the homepage. These pages open with the specific project title plus the team behind it (videographer, director, and so on). Under this information is an embedded video of the project. A that is absolutely irresistible is the floating play button that follows your mouse movement.

4. Masthead Magazine On Design by DTE Studio

Masthead Magazine On Design website design
[Source: Masthead Magazine On Design]

Standout Features

  • Revolving mirror illusion
  • Minimalist approach
  • Product-centric design

The Masthead homepage greets visitors with an imposing revolving mirror illusion of a Nike shoe. This is a design that easily draws the attention of sneakerheads. If one is not looking hard enough, this design could pass for an abstract piece. Either way, this video easily embodies the page’s goal of highlighting the importance of design and its contribution to building a better world.

The text overlapping the mirror illusion shares a brief description of the brand’s take on “Design”.

Scroll down and find some of the design innovators and creatives leading today’s generation. This space expresses the caliber of experience behind each expert. Each profile is separated per module that expresses the designer’s personality. No overlapping names or images here.

Once you click on their names, you will be redirected to a dedicated page featuring their work. Masthead Magazine aims to shed light on how these individuals see, influence, and work on a design.

The “SIGN UP” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the On: Design page is a nice touch. The text spins as you scroll down the page. This is a good way to draw attention to users who might have missed the button at first.

There’s a minimalistic approach to the design of this webpage. Other than the featured designers’ images and the revolving mirror illusion, the rest of the page embodies a black-and-white theme. The presence of black raises an air of intrigue. On the other hand, the white text complements the dominant black very well. These small details make up for an elegant outline that helps direct focus to the page’s content.

As progressions in design and art open up new possibilities in websites, it becomes tougher to stay within “usual” webpage essentials. But the saying “Less is more” never gets old. It is often heard but never loses its style in the design space. As for this design by DTE Studio, they used videos and inspiring graphics to complement the content.

5. Paul Furey Productions by wearegoat

Paul Furey Production website homepage video
[Source: Paul Furey Productions]

Standout Features

  • Video embeds with a border
  • Monochrome visuals
  • Early 2000s futuristic cartoon theme

Nostalgia sells, and that’s what Paul Furey Productions by wearegoat highlights.

It reflects how the future was visualized way back. The cool colors and retro vibes take you back to a scene of “The Jetsons”, and are a nod to the Space Age Style. It’s impossible not to relate to this style or at least appreciate the designs.

Today, it’s very apparent that we’ve reached new heights in terms of style, time, and space. Through the years, the designs have become more daring and futuristic.

With rising excitement for the space economy and names such as SpaceX and Blue Origin taking over, we get to see how it influences different dimensions of the design.

wearegoat doesn’t only draw styling cues from the past but also integrates new elements that give it a more authentic look. A good example is how they designed the television on the page. Most Space Age-themed televisions tend to be rounder.

However, they added a bit of flair to their interpretation of retro-modern television. There are sharper edges and more curves that allow it to stand out. More than that, it does bring out a signature look to the brand. These features are found on the building, chair, and plant drawings across the page.

The flying vehicle at the top of the page doesn’t go unnoticed. This small detail adds personality to the design.

Scroll down and you’ll find an embedded video that covers what the client (Paul Furey Productions) offers. The video uses panning transitions, a simple approach to stitching visuals while giving the content more focus. Furthermore, the animations and graphics in the video exhibit different design variations that show the versatility of the client.

Usability-wise, the entire page is arranged well enough to allow new visitors to go through the different pages with ease. The text is big enough to make reading easy for both mobile and desktop users. You can find brand reviews on the home page to go with some of the offered services. Ultimately, the visuals combined with simplicity make for a unique, intuitive, and entertaining website.

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