16 Best Modern Website Designs of the Moment

16 Best Modern Website Designs of the Moment
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: May 02, 2024

We've handpicked the best modern website designs, from sleek, straightforward layouts to bold, abstract layouts. These web designs showcase the latest trends in minimalist web design, unique UI/UX features, and stunning visuals to deliver exceptional browsing experiences.

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1. Umani Ronchi by ATK+LAB

[Source: ATK+LAB]

Standout Features:

  • Video storytelling
  • Vital events in a carousel
  • Delightful monochromatic illustrations

The first on our list of best modern website designs is developed by ATK+LAB. Umani Ronchi's website design is like an experienced tour guide you enjoy listening to with a glass of wine in your hand.

The homepage immediately lets you pick one of the five intriguing categories the brand takes pride in. They are presented through pastel-colored circles around the typeface and a classy monochromatic illustration above the text, helping you enter the Umani Ronchi fields on the spot.

The sections are divided through full-screen high-resolution photography that portrays the vineyards, prominent natural landscapes, and beautiful urban areas near the winery. You can explore the stories through long, narrated videos that build soothing docuseries about the brand. You can also experience its history and growth through an engaging time-capsule carousel that leads you through the most critical events.

2. Pharmacy at the Triumphal Arch by Plural

[Source: Plural]

Standout Features:

  • A flower in the summer breeze
  • Great use of positive space
  • A two-folded, single-page layout

Plural’s website design for the Pharmacy at the Triumphal Arch is one of the best modern website designs because it combines several latest design elements for a seamless browsing experience, elaborating on confidence, expertise, and the comfort you’ll find at the long-running pharmacy.

The unique representation lets you switch between two single-page layouts at the top of the page, one mainly focused on the brand and its distinguished history and the other explaining the herbal-based products brought to the pharmacy thanks to a 19th-century pharmacist, Leopold Bichel. Both homepages offer a clean green-white look with a digital flower image moving slowly, almost dancing in the summer breeze.

The design is built around positive space and minimalism, with galleries set behind a single frame you can browse with your cursor and short copies hidden by clickable headlined categories on the go.

3. Prosvirin Design by mkey media

[Source: mkey media]

Standout Features:

  • A combination of monochromatic elements
  • Photography-based setting
  • Minimalist

Another excellent example of the best modern website design is mkey media’s web solution for Prosvirin Design. It immediately lets the browser know what the brand is about – masterful interior design.

Most of this minimalist layout leverages the showcase of room settings through photography-based visuals that act as an elegant space decorated with light typography. From the homepage to the testimonial section, this practice represents a holistic approach to the design, with some monochromatic elements and content blocks breaking the monotony.

The bolded text helps pinpoint the viewers' attention to the pivotal parts, and there are counters subtly emphasizing the brand’s success stories, building on the real-life photographic portfolio.

4. Maciej Baska

[Source: Maciej Baska]

Standout Features:

  • Hinting at the workstyle
  • A paper texture
  • A customized, thematic font style

Maciej Baska’s portfolio design deserves a spot on our list of best modern website designs because it amazingly combines modern, minimal, cute, and gritty design elements. The monochromatic approach employs limited visual features that work incredibly well to deliver a story.

This modern website design elaborates on the designer's work ethic by illustrating building blocks and a fully-grown tree in a grey field. This imagery tells us about the patience and nurturing that the designer puts into his work, getting the projects from seeds to lush and stable living organisms.

The customized heavy font style resembles the tree’s roots. It complements the idea aesthetically, and there’s a creative paper texture effect across the layout which adds to the design’s earthy, minimalistic appeal.

5. AR–CO by Lukas Rudrof

[Source: Lukas Rudrof]

Standout Features:

  • Extensive positive space
  • An ultra-minimalist design
  • Depicting the brand’s vision

AR-CO is an international architecture studio that implements its eco-friendly beliefs into its workstyle. Lukas Rudrof builds the studio’s website design, reflecting its abilities and sustainability objectives.

The extensive positive space embodies the brand’s vision of using less to do more. That’s why the layout is ultra-minimal, with virtually no decorative elements. This approach delivers an avant-garde black-and-white design with real-life visuals complementing the meaningful content.

Past projects are delivered through a simple and elegant content categorization, with the most important details in bold.

The brand’s philosophy replaces the usual About section, focusing on the noble mission of the studio’s work rather than the team behind it. Check out best architecture website design examples here.

6. Katya Smolianinova

[Source: Katya Smolianinova]

Standout Features:

  • Heavy headline typography
  • A single-page layout
  • Dynamic past work showcase

Another portfolio site takes a spot on our list of the best modern website designs. Katya Smolianinova’s portfolio website is fashionable and straightforward.

The designer’s direct approach can immediately be seen in the heavy headline typography that dominates the homepage. It acts as a quick About Me page displaying the most vital information and her expertise. The scaled-up typeface is interrupted with a tiny listing of her skillset positioned between the “DESIGN” and “ER."

The scrolling experience of this single-page website promptly switches to a linear showcase of the designer’s past work, offering sneak peeks of each project. The right side features a relevant image and a stunning barcode in the bottom left to indicate its authentic identity.

The “conversational” design then continues to tell you about the methodology Smolianinova goes through with each new project, followed by an awards section.

7. NASA by slava.design

[Source: slava.design]

Standout Features:

  • Futuristic and space-oriented
  • Negative space-based
  • Extensive storytelling potential

Slava.design’s concept of NASA’s website redesign marks a distinctive and extensive work of art, sparking interest through a delightful combination of modern web design elements.

The design is futuristic and space-inspired. It thoroughly portrays every segment of the organization’s past achievements and creative representation of its plans. The typographic blend relies on three font styles, constantly refreshing the interest of the browsers. It’s accompanied by stunning visuals, presenting everything from the complex machinery to the astronauts’ profiles.

The design displays a fantastic storytelling potential, using positive space to talk about the past, giving it an old newspaper article tone, and using negative space to incline the vast majority of the unknown and how NASA’s going to try and unravel all the space’s secrets.

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8. Smart Desk by Khudova.design

[Source: Khudova.design]

Standout Features:

  • User-friendly
  • A funny promotional video
  • A landing page FAQ section

Khudova.design created an eCommerce website for the Russian Smart Desk brand that deserves commendation as one of the best modern website designs today.

The design combines minimalism, modern trends, and a tech style, providing a comprehensive product-focused platform. The laid-back tone is set through a slow-paced carousel in the hero section, with a button inviting the browser to ask anything.

After a short introduction of the brand, you’re met with a short funny video that further emphasizes that this brand is the result of passion and enthusiasm, not a tedious job.

The vast positive space is decorated with multiple large arrows pointing to various elements, such as essential content bits, buttons, and products, elevating the user-friendliness of the browsing experience.

After a thorough product gallery, there’s also a well-thought FAQ section that helps you comprehend how your shopping experience works.

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9. M.T Ads by Tsukanov Design

[Source: Tsukanov Design]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal and futuristic
  • A pastel gradient color palette
  • Responsive typography

M.T Ads is a holographic projector seller. Since the product is modern and marks technological advancement, Tsukanov Design highlighted these features in the brand’s landing page design and created a top-notch modern website design.

The landing page is clean, with a multitude of contrasting bright colors. The range in the color palette exhibits the number of possible uses of the product, with pastel gradients emphasizing this against a darker background. They also symbolize light, practically referring to the product and its functionality.

The typography is based on the Nunito Sans font. It is slightly rounded, boosting legibility on any screen size, so it’s highly responsive across all platforms.

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10. Adtriox Media by Afnan Mishu

[Source: Afnan Mishu]

Standout Features:

  • An exemplary balance between functionality and appeal
  • Grayscale aesthetics
  • A card-based services category

Adtriox Media’s sleek and modern website design was built from scratch by Afnan Mishu, who aimed to make the website as functional as it is stylish. And the result? An incredible modern website design that bested its competition.

Mishu relied on grayscale aesthetics to carry this out, with the homepage background consisting of waves of gray that get lighter until they translate into white. This approach can also be viewed in several visual aids, like the numbering of the services the brand excels in or the graphs used to communicate the client’s path to success.

The portfolio employs darker shades of gray to bring attention to the client's past works and satisfaction levels. Above it, there’s a card-based services category menu with short copies, and below is the testimonial section, followed by the bolded counters.

11. WLT Design

[Source: WLT Design]

Standout Features:

  • Futuristic and bright
  • Digital & space visuals
  • Interactive storytelling

WLT Design represents a team of freelance designers who make joint efforts to develop this outstanding modern website design that tells you everything you need to know about their skills, creativity, and more!

The homepage “sends” you into outer space with stars, planetoids, and asteroids flowing around and a single white line shining across the screen. As you start scrolling, an immense visual journey takes place. One of the visual elements bursts into many magma-yellow shards, letting you focus on the white line that continues into the wild visual rabbit hole and a spaceship traveling through this digital galaxy.

All copy and modern visuals deliver an immersive and interactive story. Each “stop” is accompanied by an unintrusive short headline. And if the visuals aren’t enough, there’s also a negative effect on the cursor, adding even more style to the design.

12. Dr_Copywriter by Spec od IT

[Source: Spec od IT]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and simple
  • A reliable blue-white palette
  • A thematic blog section

Designers and copywriters are like peas in a pod. You can’t have one without the other. With this in mind, Dr_Copywriter asked Spec od IT to help her create a top-quality modern website design as her online business card.

Like a compelling copy, this web design is comprehensive yet simple. Above the hero section, there’s a clean white menu with increased spacing between categories and the brand logo in between them.

The blue-white palette inspired trustworthiness and reliability, effectively communicating confidence in the client's skillset offered through short and lengthy content. The visuals combine photography of the author and her seminars with branded visuals and education-related digital illustrations.

A thematic blog section also helps the brand owner attract new clients through informative articles. Explore best website designs inspiration for 2024 here.

13. Viktoria Melinder by Visual Oasis

[Source: Visual Oasis]

Standout Features:

  • An effective single-page website design
  • A video walkthrough
  • Prominent product photography

Visual Oasis helped Viktoria Melinder bring her artwork to life through a creative single-page layout designed to introduce online clientele to her textile pieces.

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The hero section comprises raw, unprocessed textile materials with the initials-based logo design and the owner’s name printed in the center. The extensive gallery of her work follows, showcasing the different styles and approaches to the artwork.

The slim, cursive typography is an elegant addition to the imagery used as a section divider and a stylistic description of the textile.

Alongside a short video walkthrough of her professional journey, there’s also a carousel of the materials to pick from placed on a carousel. Clicking on them leads you to the e-shop side of the website, providing a closer look at upscaled material.

14. Sulkin Askenazi by EMME & Co.

[Source: EMME & Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic hero background
  • Elegant typography blend
  • Multiple dynamic cursor elements

Sulkin Askenazi’s website, created by EMME & Co., shows you their expertise front to back through various dynamic elements, earning a spot on our list of top modern website designs.

After a short loader, the design greets you with a dynamic hero background comprising a full-screen “day-in-the-office" promotional video with the white brand name stamped across it. The elegant typography balances between all-caps serifs in the body and sans serifs in the headlines. The white-colored content is presented on a dark screen, leveraging the negative space to its max.

There are also many dynamic cursor effects, including negative hovering and the one triggering new visual effects buttons.

The projects section lists several smaller images in a line, with the project's name appearing as you hover over the pictures.

15. Bontempi Casa by NOOO

[Source: NOOO]

Standout Features:

  • Carousel of featured products
  • Muted color scheme
  • Serif typography

Bontempi Casa’s stylish website design balances an extensive product showcase and tasteful short copies. This online store was designed by NOOO.

The homepage presents a slow-paced carousel of featured products, showcasing them in different colors and angles. If you’d like them to move faster, there’s a manual controller with two arrow buttons you can manipulate freely.

As you scroll, you’ll find a category menu with borderless real-life product imagery. Instead of presenting these categories in a straight horizontal line, the agency arranged them uniquely, with the previous category slightly above or below the following one.

The layout rests on a muted color scheme, laden with thin and subtle concentric circles that refresh the visuals and complement the serif typography.

16. Aegon Life by Moonraft Innovation Labs

[Source: Moonraft Innovation Labs]

Standout Features:

  • A reliable color palette
  • Fun and enthusiastic
  • A featured packages carousel

As one of India’s biggest insurance companies, Aegon Life sought to switch to a digital-only distribution channel. Moonraft Innovation Labs delivered a cohesive, well-branded modern website design that helped the brand transform.

To address a largely suburban Indian market, the agency ensured that the tone steers clear of the industry jargon, so the website design is built solely on a conversational, widely comprehensible tone.

The homepage has a carousel that features life insurance packages and a wide button below that immediately helps the customer navigate through this diverse website. The agency used casual, friendly icons that comprise a reliable color palette (blue, yellow, and white). Aside from the main front, these icons are also in the dropdown fixed menu.

The narrative is fun and enthusiastic, taking the edge of a serious topic while swiftly and seamlessly educating even the biggest novices.

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