8 Best Film Production Company Websites

8 Best Film Production Company Websites
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Last Updated: April 07, 2023

As more people tune in to their own screens to watch movies and shows, one of the ways in which film and video production companies can soften the blow and capture new clients is through impeccable website design.

So, grab your popcorn as we binge the top 8 movie production company websites that let their brands shine with creativity, imagination, and artistry. Definitely a must-see!

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1. Pure Cinema Productions By Alfa Charlie Branding Studio

video production company websites
[Source: Pure Cinema Productions]

Standout features:

  • Opens to a great showcase of the company’s work
  • Interesting effect on the headlines
  • Slick animations during transitions between pages

Pure Cinema Productions is a San Diego Video Production Company, its website, designed and developed by Alfa Charlie branding studio.

A looping, full-screen video of pure cinematography welcomes the visitor, while the three-item main menu sits in the top right, with a simple sans serif font. The visitor’s mouse cursor takes on a rounded shape with “View Work” text that clicks through to the site’s portfolio page.

The user journey begins when the visitor scrolls. Plenty of white space surrounds the descriptive content, while the headlines offer a glimpse into the company’s video work. What follows is the showcase of some of the illustrious videos produced by Pure Cinema. Clicking on one opens a separate page with information on the video’s concept and contributors. Each new page opens with a lovely animated effect sporting the company’s navy blue brand color.

The homepage user journey ends with the list of partner brands as social proof and a lead-capturing contact form at the bottom.

2. Levector Films By Pixavio Digital Studio

video production company website
[Source: Levector Films]

Standout features:

  • Striking color scheme on service pages
  • Full-screen videos and images on the homepage
  • Slick and fast transitions

The Ecuadorian production company website Levector, made by Pixavio, opens with a stunning display of the company’s past work, preceded by an interesting motion effect that appears to skim through their portfolio.

Full-screen background videos use a carousel component so the user can move left or right to see other works. Sturdy, white fonts are present in the main menu navigation above each video’s description.

Once the visitor scrolls down, the videos are replaced with full-screen static images - one for each unique value proposition and service the company provides. Each image is accompanied by a brief text and a bright orange CTA button.

The menu navigation, albeit not sticky, appears on the screen as soon as the visitor scrolls back up a little, no matter where they are on the page. The page for each service uses a tri-color scheme, with a dark background, white letters, and orange accents.

Following a brief description of each service, the pages deliver the company’s work for different clients in a gallery view.

3. Belward Tree Films By Made Up Studio

production company website
[Source: Belward Tree Films]

Standout features:

  • A simple homepage with only three options
  • Micro animations and a simple palette
  • Easy and fast navigation

The website created by Made Up Studio for Maryland-born director and filmmaker Arshum Rouhanian tells a very personal story involving a cut-down old gum tree from Rouhanian’s hometown to display his work.

Visitors can click on the About page featuring more information about the filmmaker, his origins, and press clippings covering the review of his creative output.

Also on the website’s homepage, in dark grey with subtle micro animations in the background, are three choices: Film, Reel, and Photo, each opening a page with corresponding works. Hovering over either of these three circles forms a tree trunk rings on them - the ones you’d find on a stump or a log of a cut-down tree.

The Film showcase page opens up a categorized gallery of Rouhanian's video works. Clicking on "Reel" plays a Vimeo collage of his entire work while the Photo page offers a glimpse into his diverse photography portfolio.

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4. Movie Music Quiz By Sun Limet

production company websites
[Source: Movie Music Quiz]

Standout features:

  • A unique quizzing concept
  • A variety of different input methods
  • The design of the actual quiz page

Movie Music Quiz is, as the name unmistakably suggests, a movie music quiz website made by a creative developer Sun Limet.

This highly entertaining website – a perfect staple for in-house winter evenings with friends – starts out by offering a dozen of themes and categories. Hovering over each one triggers a different website background with an interesting liquid effect.

Clicking on one category opens a pop-up window asking the visitor to choose between several different input methods: multichoice, speech mode/microphone, and typing.

The quiz begins and the score is kept on the left-hand side of the screen. The clues to the correct answer can be unlocked on the right. At the center of the screen, the on-site player streams a 60-second song snippet and the player needs to provide the correct title of a movie the song is from.

The website will then show the correct answer, the poster of a song's movie, and a variety of other player stats to the left and right, showing how they performed with the same question.

For the duration of the quiz, an abstract animation reminiscent of the old multimedia players’ visualizers supplies even more eye candy to this unique Movie Music Quiz website.

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5. Maxx Hat By Hadrien Mongouachon

web video production company
[Source: Maxx Hat]

Standout features:

  • Numbered portfolio items on a homepage for an easy-to-follow user journey
  • Colors only appear once the user hovers over multimedia elements
  • Linear showcase of the producer’s works

Maxx Hat is a minimalist website created by Hadrien Mongouachon for a creative filmmaker and photographer from France.

A very simple layout of the opening screen consists of nothing but two navigational links - Index (homepage) and Organic (biography).

On the homepage are the Instagram page icon and a showreel button that turns the centered image into a video player with Max’s brief work overview.

The rest of the website contains seven numbered selections from his entire opus. They are laid out vertically so that the visitor only views one at a time as they keep on scrolling. Each item consists of a video thumbnail (in beige, to blend with the surroundings), a title and a brief description.

When the visitor hovers over each portfolio item with their mouse cursor, the beige thumbnail comes to life by showing a brief animation of the video design in color. Once the Play button is clicked, a sweeping animation opens up a new screen that plays the video surrounded by black background (cinemascope).

Lastly, a concise bio page details basic information about the filmmaker, including the gear he uses, his skills, and contact details.

6. Kenny's Jazz Pad By Denman Digital

video production for websites
[Source: Kenny's Jazz Pad]

Standout features:

  • An immersive virtual experience and user journey
  • Creative use of multimedia
  • Application of advanced technology like motion graphics

Kenny’s Jazz Pad is a website dedicated to Canadian jazz singer Kenny Colman and his biopic Cool Daddy. Creative agency Denman worked on this digital extension for a movie that promotes the singer and his career via an immersive, virtual 3D experience.

The website takes on a form of a nightclub that captures the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas hotspots and the grit and intimacy of smokey jazz clubs. The user journey begins with the visitor “standing” outside of a club with street noise enhancing the experience.

The user enters the club by scrolling. The ambiance changes as the jazz orchestra performs inside a lush lounge interior, facing the visitor with several options: to watch Kenny perform two songs on stage or visit the Theatre and the Wall of Fame.

Choosing the Theater transfers the visitor inside a cinema where they can shuffle between three clips from the movie. Heading to the Wall of Fame drives the visitor to the chronological showcase of Colman’s entire career in words and pictures.

7. DVEIN By Edu Prats & Basora

video production website
[Source: DVEIN]

Standout features:

  • A radically different navigation
  • Creative transformation of the mouse cursor based on the visitor’s actions
  • The ability to add your own drawings to the site’s background

DVEIN is a duo of film directors from Barcelona, Spain. Their website, designed by Edu Prats and Basora, abandons all standards and conventions when it comes to user navigation and content presentation.

The website’s background is a collection of childlike doodles, while the main menu is located at the bottom of the screen and appears when a visitor moves their mouse cursor below. A collection of casually grouped photos is the centerpiece of the homepage screen.

Clicking on one of the photos opens a screen with the video for the corresponding project, while all other materials line up at the top. Each video, of course, offers a taste of DVEIN’s portfolio.

The agencies’ creativity really came to the fore with the website’s mouse cursor. Depending on what the user is doing: about to play or pause the video or hovering through different options, the cursor will take on different shapes and forms.

As a way to increase user engagement, the website even allows visitors to add their own doodles to the background via the “Draw” menu item!

8. The Finchers By Caveat

website video production
[Source: The Finchers]

Standout features:

  • A colorful website that reflects the TV show’s nature
  • One-page layout with no main menu
  • An interactive house plan that details each room in the series

The Finchers is a US sitcom produced by ViewSonic whose dedicated website is a brainchild of Caveat's creative agency.

As a lighthearted comedy TV show, The Finchers required a website that would align with their feel-good essence. A very colorful opening screen, with the show’s family protagonists, sets the tone for what is a very radiant and vibrant website experience.

With no menu necessary, the entire website relies on a one-page user journey, beginning with the Behind-the-Scenes featurette consisting of multiple videos, followed by a video gallery of season highlights.

Further down the page is an interactive image of the entire family. Pop-up bubbles explain the name and the character of each protagonist.

Arguably the website’s highlight is the house plan with each room belonging to a certain character. It clicks through to a page describing each room and listing the ViewSonic tech goodies it contains.

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