Tsarenko Great Homepage

Igor Tsarenko is a filmmaker whose works span an entire examination of humanity and socialization. Tsarenko focuses on creating work that is highly cinematic, human, and beautifully shot. His website is meant to showcase his capabilities and hopefully sell his talented vision to a prospective producer.

Tsarenko’s home page is very simple, but it makes a big impact. We see his face, staring us down, with a highly dynamic lighting scheme and a black and white color palette. By combining elements of photography, lighting, and film, Tsarenko has placed users in a highly cinematic mood. From here, users descend into the body of the site, and they begin to see his work unfold. This page is an excellent tone-setter that establishes not only the experience of the site, but also validates his skill as a filmmaker.

Tsarenko Great Website Design

When a user clicks forward from the home page, they zoom into Tsarenko’s eyeball to arrive here. We can see the outline of his pupil framing the contents of the menu, evoking the idea of sight and vision. We’re seeing the world through Tsarenko’s eye, just like we would in any one of his movies. The menu design effectively establishes Tsarenko’s talent for constructing experience and executing themes. These skills are excellent for both a web designer and a filmmaker to have. As users appreciate the experience of the site, they will also come to appreciate Tsarenko as a filmmaker.

Tsarenko Great Menu Design

From the menu, users can navigate to a variety of pages like this highly visual portfolio. The paneling strongly conveys depth, with the background image seemingly clear beneath the panels to the right. Additionally, the use of thin, white lines serve as a graphic metaphor for photography, evoking the lines seen when using a camera’s viewfinder. This portfolio, and the entire site, maintains a visual theme of filmmaking and the cinema, firmly establishing Tsarenko as a master of visual creation.

Tsarenko is a great website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.