SheKnows Clean Homepage

SheKnows is a content aggregator for women by women. Their mission is to provide an editorial online outlet for women to express their ideas and ambitions. The home page is designed to immediately immerse users in the content of the site, and it highlights some of the best, uniquely female content available on the internet. Users can promptly browse the various categories to see the trends of the content that appears on the website. As a result, users will develop an immediate impression of what SheKnows is all about, and they can start enjoying or creating related content. The designer has allowed the material to communicate brand, rather than trying to do anything interpretive. Sometimes, the best way to give users an impression of a company is to simply get them to the company’s content.

SheKnows Clean Website Design

The next page, a social outlet, introduces a critical element of the SheKnows experience—that being, of course, their role as a content community. Users are shown an image of three women enjoying each other’s company and conversation, before being presented with the option to start writing themselves. This communicates the idea that SheKnows is a place for women to communicate with other women, while also giving users a tool to begin this exact communication. SheKnow’s website designer has emphasized a mechanic in the site that makes the experience completely different. By developing a community around SheKnows’ content, the designer has empowered the company’s female-enabling brand.

SheKnows Clean Forms Design

Users can begin their own journey as a content creator for She Knows by filling out this form. Users can input some personal information and start writing ASAP. This page has been selected to emphasize an effective idea that every designer should instill in what they create. That idea being, “Let users do the work for you.” Design a site that takes users’ personal agency and individuality and channels it into making the experience more specific and multidirectional. By empowering users to create their own profile and content, this designer has made their own job much easier.

SheKnows is a best website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.