UFOMAMMOOT Creative Homepage

An escape to the future is imminent the instant users land on the UFOMAMMOOT home page. From creating an augmented reality app pre-dating the Pokémon-Go craze, to a digital animation for a midnight Adidas release party—this growing digital agency is on the cutting-edge of companies constructing interactive digital products for customers all over the globe.

Their brilliant website brings the young company’s passion for getting people in touch with technology to life.

Through the use of several complex digital design functions, human senses are immediately engaged and interested. Computer sounds and techno music load with the landing page, and the visual displays are packed with movement and rollover responses. Lights flicker across on-screen wires, connecting various webpages in the site, and each section of the page holds something new and intriguing for users to discover.

UFOMAMMOOT Multi-dimensional Website Design

Clicking between site pages doesn’t occur in a standard vertical direction, but the site breaks user expectations in fantastic, multi-dimensional ways. Built more like a video game than a website, the site requires users to pan across digital fields of information to access various page options.

As users travel across the site, pages don’t immediately disappear when users move from one page to the next. Instead, they give the impression that they are in a much broader plane than a standard webpage would allow. Users have to click and pull the screen in the direction they want to go, giving them complete control over interactions in all corners of the site.

UFOMAMMOOT Creative Projects Page

One of the more complex fields in the site, the “Work” pages displayed here require a lot of user attention. A simple click on any project leads to multiple pages with multimedia options to display the company’s work. Video, music, interactive images, animations, and text allow users to enjoy a small taste of the diverse products UFOMAMMOOT has created for their clients.

UFOMAMMOOT Futuristic Website Design

These site pages rotate between bright solid colors and a dark, futuristic theme, often with a nod to technological development of the past. Older users may be reminded of the earlier phases of internet development, while younger users are tempted with a glimpse into the future.

UFOMAMMOOT Three-Dimensional Website Experience

Pushing the boundaries of digital space, the UFOMAMMOOT site also includes both standard and virtual versions for users with the personalities to match. This isn’t the kind of site users quickly interact with and then leave. Active exploration is encouraged by the entire site design on both versions. With inventive user options, like a chat bot readily available, users never quite know what they will discover next.

Highly sensitive to mouse movements and zoom functions, the standard site is actively engaging and complex in its own right, but the VR version of the site takes the UX to a whole new level.

The virtual version of the site employs a design to give more adventurous users a three-dimensional experience, while challenging their expectations. Users can move past upright blocks of type and explore a 3D design, like they’re walking through the interior of a motherboard. By employing the latest in design, UFOMAMMOOT’s site creates an unforgettable, interactive user experience, leaving nothing but excitement about the future of the Digital Age.

UFOMAMMOOT is a creative website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.

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