We Are Barbarian Beautiful Homepage

Looking for a dynamic new approach that’s guaranteed to take your brand to another level? Then trust the Barbarian Group to create something, unlike anything you could expect, bringing your brand to the forefront of your industry!

Their work is key and the Barbarian Group puts that at the forefront of their presentation to you.

From the moment you hit their website, they showcase nothing but the projects they’ve worked on for you to look through. It puts their talent right in your face! Stunning and clear photographs line their way down the page, alternating between the right and left the side for visual diversity.

Bright yellow squares surround the project title. The brief introduction to the project is enough to entice and draw you in, pushing you to check out the entirety of the project!

Curious to find out a little more about the Barbarian Group? Make sure to stop at the bottom of the homepage, where an embedded video is seen. Eclectic clips combine to flash before your eyes, dragging you into the world of Barbarian Group. It’s a true testament the way in which the company works to design a completely different story just for you!

The simplistic approach to a homepage showcases the seriousness of which the Barbarian Group takes their work. It builds your trust and builds the connection you have with the company as you explore what they can do.

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We Are Barbarian Beautiful Product Page

When you’re ready, pick a project and dive on in to investigate! The Barbarian Group puts together a completely different take on the way they create projects.

Beautiful photographs and powerful videos combine to give you a clear idea as to how the portfolio piece was made. Keep your eyes within the colored box -- that’s where the entire portfolio piece is contained! It makes page navigation a breeze! The choice to use minimal text is vital, as it lets you fully immerse yourself in the design and purpose.

This dynamic combination relies heavily on interpretation but allows you to experience each project as it would be by the consumer.

The Barbarian Group designs exquisite pieces for their clients and their website is a perfect testament to their talent. Strong photographs and videos become the foundation to a visually dynamic user experience.

We Are Barbarian is a beautiful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.

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