Long Story Short Design Clean Homepage

Long Story Short Design is a design studio that focuses on condensing brand information down to the simplest, most consumable forms possible. They are a brand-oriented company that seeks to imbue the most incremental elements possible, with as much selling power they can manage. Whether it’s packaging, brand development, or broad marketing strategies, Long Story Short Design communicates a lot across very little.

Their home page does the exact same thing, using a minimal design scheme and straightforward format to really showcase the work of the company. Immediately, users can begin scrolling through the company’s portfolio, discovering a bevy of projects and specific works along the way. At all points, the content is minimal, sleek, and selective, visually showcasing only the most critical works, but providing very minimal clarification textually.

The designer keeps it stripped back and focused on the most incremental work the company has produced. By continuing to minimize form and maximize content, the designer is creating a UX that showcases Long Story Short’s work, while effectively communicating their highly specific process.

Long Story Short Design Clean Website Design

Across the home page, users can access various menus and text blurbs that overlay the scrolling portfolio; they speak more directly about the values and process of the company. For example, this “About” overlay tells users a little bit more about Long Story Short by inverting the page’s white color scheme for a translucent black. This creates a dynamic experience that keeps users engaged in the ever-changing, visual composition of the page. What’s more, beneath the text is a menu that links users to a variety of categories elsewhere on the company’s portfolio. The design effectively maintains interest, engagement, and immersion by providing a dynamic and easily navigable flow to the site.

Long Story Short Design Clean About Page

From the previous menu, users can select a category to be taken to a page like this one. Here, users can read more about the company’s process when working in the selected category, and they can discover specific projects Long Story Short has completed that relate to that topic. By providing both theory and proof of execution, the designer has created a smooth, self-proving UX that endorses the company’s brand, expands the perceived scope of their capabilities, and sells the company from two complementary angles.

Long Story Short Design is a clean website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.