Elum Designs Clean Homepage

Over the years, personalized stationery has become a popular item for individuals and small business owners alike. Office-supply company Elum has incorporated style and playfulness to create their products. Their web design offers the same chic look as their products.

The landing page features a horizontal banner menu with a white background. In the middle is the company logo, which draws attention to the menu titles. The top left corner features a search icon button where users can explore the website using keywords and phrases.

The homepage implements a five-box layout and uses images with bright color schemes to blend with the design’s color palette. As users scroll down, they’ll come across subpages with featured products that incorporate high-resolution images to capture their attention.

Elum uses the footer page as an opportunity to provide visitors with information about the company. This approach allows first-time visitors to learn more about Elum and their products.

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Elum Designs About Page

The About page is stunning and uses bold, high-resolution images to draw attention to the company’s culture. It integrates a power grid and four-box layout, with each tile box alternating between content and imagery.

The white space of each photograph blends well with the light background. This approach gives the design a light and airy look that avoids overwhelming users with flowery content.

Elum Designs Elegant Product Page

The Product page is well-organized and uses high-resolution images against a white background to capture the user’s attention.

It implements a fixed sidebar layout with a vertical menu on the left. The vertical menu allows users to search for products by category. Site visitors can also use the search bar at the top of the gallery to sift through products using keywords or phrases.

Elum’s clean website design takes advantage of the minimalist concept to influence the UI and UX interface. The site offers a fresh outlook on the company’s stationery, giving users an opportunity to freshen up their office supplies.

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