Westaway Elegant Homepage

Westaway is a law firm that specializes in social enterprise law. They care about people who care for people. Their home page establishes Westaway’s appreciation for the wonder of people and their capacity for greatness. The image of a man walking across a mountain in freezing temperatures, filling the page, is intrepid and magnificent. Westaway is trying to establish an image of their client. They're representing the ideal client for their services, someone magnificent and motivated, with no concern for the limitations of others. Users will feel aspirational to become these ideal clients, and they will hopefully pursue Westaway and their representation.

Westaway Elegant Website Design

Westaway continues to brand itself as people-focused and inspired by the human spirit on their strongly visual “About” page. Here, users see a smattering of young adults, dancing wildly, having the time of their lives. On top of this, a blurb reads, “We’re a firm for people who get people moving.” In tandem, these two elements create an image of Westaway as a caring, essential part of the human experience. The fun-loving image brings a playful tone to the law firm, endearing people to a sense of genuine personality. It humanizes the firm, and it tells users that working with Westaway is working with people, rather than some faceless machine.

Westaway Elegant Contact Page

The final page features a professional man, smiling in a leather couch. This contact page asks users to reach out and interface with the firm. So, the image of the man becomes a visual stand-in for the firm. Users will be talking to this professional, friendly man. A human. Someone who can understand and sympathize with your situation. Westaway’s website designer has breathed humanity into their site, creating a very personal experience for users.

Westaway is a best website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.