Esquire Minimal Homepage

You’ve heard the name Esquire. It’s not new to you. Now drop on by Esquire Magazine’s website, where you’ll find news articles, fluff pieces and plenty of additional content tailored to indulge your curious side.

Esquire, traditionally a men’s magazine, wants you to lose yourself on their website for hours -- and it’s not hard to do so. Geared for a masculine audience, the frills an in-depth design platform are readily replaced by simplistic grays, black and white. The monochromatic choice is manly, keeping it plain and letting your attention to where it’s more important.

Get ready to hang around for a while as the homepage is filled to the brim with intriguing reads. The only color you’ll find is in the photographs that tease your interest as you move down the page. You’re able to move through articles easily with the choice to present nearly every article in the same big and bold title besides a complementary image. It’s the quickest way for the website to move you down the page.

Even still, Esquire website keeps you on your toes by changing it up every so often. A page divider is presented in a burst of quick articles lined up horizontally next to one another in a boom-boom-boom fashion. You get to preview five or more articles all at once in a brief glance before returning to the original formatting. It keeps you on your toes and maintains interest instead of inspiring a droll feeling.

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Esquire Minimal Blog Page

Pick an article, any article, and give it a chance. Text becomes the foundation for each piece and resembles that of which you’d find in a newspaper. The narrative down the page is broken up so you transition between thoughts and ideas with ease while article photographs help to drive the points of the article home.

You clicked on the article for a reason, and Esquire knows that so they aim to help you find your next reading piece by inserting page dividers between text. A faint line creates the upper and lower border of a related topic article, making sure to generate your curiosity while letting you know it’s not a part of the original piece.

Esquire knows news and entertainment so they make that the central focus of their website design. A monochromatic scheme compliments without distracting to make a user experience that is entirely message-based.

Esquire is a minimal website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.

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