What Makes Web Design Companies In Chicago Unique?

Similarly to their colleagues from other US-based agencies, web design companies in Chicago offer a full scope of web design services.

They cope with similar tasks and responsibilities and have the same aim - to meet their clients’ goals.

However, here are a few facts that make a web design company in Chicago different from any other:

1. Chicago Is Home To Some Leading Tech Companies

With so many multinational companies headquartered in Chicago, including Google and Salesforce, the city has built a reputation as one of the biggest tech hubs around the globe.

For this reason, this is where many local startups and global brands turn to for web design services.

The huge demand for web designers also attracts some of the best talents in the world.

So, here you will find some of the finest experts that use premium tools and cutting-edge technologies to provide their clients with products of premium quality.

2. Its Lower Living Costs Attract Businesses and Top Talent Alike

When compared to New York, the Windy City has a cost of living that is -36.3% lower.

This is why web design companies in Chicago can offer you more affordable rates.

In fact, the city’s employers pay -12.4% less than NYC-based employers for the same type of job.

So, by hiring a Chicago web designer, you will get a product of similar or same quality for less.

3. It Is The Center Of Some Of The Major Industries In The World

According to Statistical Atlas, Chicago is the center of some of the leading industries around the globe including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance

So, what makes a Chicago web design company stand out from its other US-based peers is its deep understanding of the locally dominant industries.

They know your target market, the environment you operate in and your competition well. So, they can deliver a high-performing website the best.

Chicago skyline
Chicago web design companies charge between $50 and $150 per hour

What Does A Chicago Web Design Firm Specialize In?

Web design companies in Chicago help businesses grow by providing them with highly customized solutions.

They take into consideration the unique needs of their clients and then work on building websites that meet their goals.

Just like their other US counterparts, the primary responsibilities of these experts include:

  • Doing market research
  • Conducting competitive analysis
  • Developing layout and structure
  • Designing graphics and images
  • Creating content
  • Making websites SEO friendly
  • Optimizing websites for mobile devices
  • Fixing bugs, errors and issues
  • And more

However, what differentiates a web design company in Chicago is its expertise in the locally dominant industries and the high end-services it offers at more affordable rates.

What Are The Different Types Of Chicago Web Design Companies?

We can classify the top web design companies in Chicago into several groups depending on:

  • The services they offer: These agencies usually offer a complete list of web design services. However, some of them specialize in consulting only.
  • The platforms they use: Depending on your needs, every best Chicago web design agency is certified in different platforms like Shopify, bigCommerce and Drupal.
  • The businesses they work with: Some companies tend to work particularly with SMB’s, while others chose to serve well-established brands.
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How Much Does Website Design In Chicago Cost?

When it comes to website design in Chicago, companies usually offer three billing plans:

  • Per hour
  • Per project
  • Result-based

The fee per hour is different from company to company and ranges between $50 and $150. Designers usually formulate these prices based on their level of experience and agency size.

The fee per project will also vary from client to client since they all have different requirements and business goals.

However, the factors that will dictate the cost for every customer are:

  • The number of website pages
  • The complexity of the design
  • The number of features the website will include
  • The number of designers who will work on the project

For the result-based billing, you and your Chicago web design company will determine which KPIs they need to reach for you to issue the payment. It all depends on what they agree to deliver and what your objectives are.

Why Hire A Web Design Agency In Chicago?

Besides the services they offer at affordable rates, here are a few more reasons to work with a web design agency in Chicago:

1. Leverage Their Insider Perspective On The Local Market

Top Chicago web design companies have a unique insight into the environment you operate in. They understand your target market, competition and local ecosystem well.

Their deep expertise in the locally dominant industries will allow them to better understand your needs, meet your expectations and accelerate project delivery.

2. Take Advantage Of Their Technical Skills

There are 4.333 billion internet users. (DataReportal)

However, not all of them are your audience. Without paying attention to SEO and targeting the right market, launching a website is like calling every single person on your phone and offering your products without knowing whether they need them at all.

This could be such a waste of time.

Even though a huge number of people are using the web, not all of them will be interested in what you offer.

By counting on the help of a web design agency in Chicago, you will make sure that your website is optimized to be visible for the right users.

Thanks to the high-end services they offer, you will be able to reach your local and global audience, increase your website traffic and improve conversions.

Chicago web design companies: the number of internet users

3. Be On Top Of The Emerging Trends

90% of website visitors will bounce due to poor design. (HubSpot)

Web design trends continuously change.

And with the new evolving technologies and modern styles, businesses should constantly refresh their websites to provide their clients with good user experience.

Top Chicago web design companies are always on top of emerging trends and they can experiment with new techniques to keep your website up-to-date.

This will allow you to keep your visitors satisfied and stay ahead of your competition.

Chicago web design companies: the number of users who bounce websites due to bad design

How To Hire Chicago Web Designers

Before you start researching the top Chicago web designer, make sure you take the following steps:

  • Determine your goals: Ask yourself what you want to achieve by working with a professional agency and think about what kind of product you would like to get exactly.
  • Define your budget: Think about how much you can allocate on website design in Chicago. Before you invest in your project you should know how much you are able to spend.

Then, you can set interviews with the candidates on our list and consider these key factors:

  • Portfolios: Evaluate the past work of every web design agency in Chicago to get an insight into their technical expertise, level of experience and service quality.
  • Reviews: Read the feedback of their past clients to understand how reliable these firms are and what results they have delivered.
  • Project management: Ask every best Chicago web design company how they manage their work, projects and team as well as how they meet their deadlines.
  • Strategic approach: Discover how these experts develop their strategies and how they fine-tune them to meet your business needs.
  • Cultural fit: Inspect the culture of the top Chicago web design companies to understand whether they share the same values as you or not.
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10 Questions To Ask A Chicago Web Design Agency

Ask the following questions to every potential Chicago web designer before you make your choice:

  1. What do you specialize in exactly?
  2. What platforms do you have experience with? What level of customization do they make possible? Which one is the best fit for my business needs?
  3. Where can I see your past work and reviews?
  4. How will you ensure that my website is mobile friendly and optimized for search engines?
  5. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and how do you incorporate them in your strategies?
  6. Do you use a project management tool?
  7. Who of your team will work on my project? What is their level of experience?
  8. How often will we meet and how often will you report on your progress?
  9. Will you be there after the launch for support and maintenance?
  10. How will you charge me?

Takeaways On Hiring A Web Design Company In Chicago

Chicago web design companies may be the right candidates to choose for your project for the services they offer at more affordable rates.

Besides that, they also employ some of the finest experts worldwide who have a deep understanding of your target market and the environment you operate in.

So, they can provide you with high quality and appealing website that will help you reach the right audience and outperform your competition.

To pick the right candidate from our list, make sure you inspect every Chicago web design company in terms of:

  • Past work
  • Level of experience
  • Project management
  • Strategic approach
  • Corporate culture

Once you narrow your list of potential agencies down, here are a few more tips that will help you make a smart choice:

  • Website ownership: The best Chicago web design company should provide you with the original files of your website. This includes code, content and images.
  • Platform certification: The agency you hire should also be certified in the platform you want to have your website built with. This is proof that it has the technical expertise to provide you with a quality project.
  • Post-launch support: Your Chicago web design company should offer great customer service as well. It should be there after the launch to keep your site up-to-date and fix issues in a timely manner.

Best of luck!


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