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Amanda Braga Website Design Utilizes Single-Page Layout To Frame Its Engaging Storytelling

Cappen is a Miami-based, award-winning digital product design studio focused on web/mobile app development, design, eCommerce, AR and VR.

Their key virtue, which is an important consideration in the context of this website design, is that they are “a studio capable of adapting to continuous change”.

Made up of highly creative personalities and “driven by the desire to build valuable and meaningful experience”, Cappen tackled a very particular objective – to create a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use website that oozes grace, elegance and refined high-fashion sense.

Amanda Braga website design is the embodiment of these qualities. Effortless yet ornamented with sophistication. Uncomplicated but demanding specific taste to fully appreciate it.

The “Forget safety, be notorious” tagline sounds like a decadent proverb uttered at a Paris fashion week. But the fact that it represents Cappen’s company ethos proves that this pairing up of a client and an agency was a match made in heaven.

Amanda Braga is a Brazilian fashion designer based in Miami whose impressive portfolio and feminist attitude prompted her to explore her multi-disciplinary side.

The accompanying website had to accompany her down the catwalk. The one-page concept allows visitors to skim her background and project with a constructive narrative approach, keeping the design and product imagery nice and clean.

“Design is her language.” Let us hear what she can tell us.

Amanda Braga website design – Tale of design(er)

Simplicity Breeds Magnetic Appeal: The Website Morphs Amanda Braga’s Story Into A Powerful Attraction Tool For Followers

Any branding expert will tell you that brand messaging is an integral part of any website design. Amanda Braga effortlessly ticks all of the boxes, from mission, values, all the way to differentiator, while telling a genuinely compelling story at the same time.

Reading through her exploits, the reader can’t help but notice the scrolling effect’s surprising similarity to the iconic Star Wars opening crawl text. Although incomparable in their essence, it’s undeniable that this instantly recognizable visual cue infuses the copy with a significant amount of epic nature.

Making a full circle, from her early years’ interest to revisiting her passion later on – designing fine jewelry with a strong identity - Amanda Braga’s story starts and ends with a clear goal: conquering the US market.

The greatest asset in this mission was the website development. The website’s sole purpose is to tell her story, show her abilities and capabilities and attract new followers/users to her Instagram profile.

It is still highly informative and packed with valuable bits of info. Besides educating future followers and prospective buyers/clients, the story blends in with the design, blurring the line between visual and verbal.

The main target audience is the beehive of creative people who love the fashion design and have an open mind for new, unorthodox things of beauty.

Amanda Braga website design - minimalism, linework and reflective color tones

Amanda Braga’s Website Combines Minimalistic Approach With Saturated Color Palette To Incite A Thirst For More

Whether it’s the shared geographical pedigree with the agency (they have offices in both Brazil and the US) or her impressive portfolio’s influence, the website’s color palette seems as if Amanda Braga’s designer eye had the final say.

The user journey begins with the rich blue which transitions to a more vibrant orange/red combo as the user scrolls.

As each separate segment passes, the colors change as well, mixing pastel colors and bright, almost garish ones for visibility and readability.

Messaging is not so much a separate entity as it feels like an essential part of the core design. It adds style and substance to it, without taking away from its minimalist nature.

For a one-page site, scrolling is a huge opportunity to impact users and draw them into the story visually. It's a great way for web designers to create a visually impactful and immersive browsing experience.

Amanda Braga’s website design rides the wave of the current trend of stripped-down user interface aided by bright colors and eye-pleasing visuals, to guide the visitors towards the subtle online form and the CTA.

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Amanda Braga website design - sophisticated typography and nostalgic look behind

The Stylish Typography Evokes Nostalgia And Elegance But Also Ensures The Copy Is Easy To Digest

After discussing the dramatic and imaginative use of color, we have to evaluate the website’s rich typography as well.

An extra bold serif font, combined with scarce minimalist geometric shapes and filtered visuals ticks every rule in the book of modern design trends. However, it simultaneously evokes a certain level of retro aesthetics found in classical Hollywood movie posters.

The typography hits that sweet spot between being inviting and sophisticated. It makes the website as a whole attractive and comprehensible at the first glance, making it one of the best designed portfolios we’ve witnessed in a long time.

Amanda Braga Website Design Uses A Sleek, Simple And Intuitive Navigation Menu To Help Visitors Find Exactly What They Want

To help visitors navigate through the website, or rather, a very long homepage, the menu is simplistic, sticky, effective and legible. The single-column layout doesn’t overwhelm the visitors and comes across as straightforward and to-the-point.

The website consists of four different sections: Home, About, Projects and Contact. Every section is given its own different color.

As soon as users land on a homepage they’re met with the first “wow factor”. From the wavy motion effect when hovering over menu sections to a multitude of micro animations, the website shines brightest with how it presents Amanda Braga’s new collection.

Instead of making the photo gallery a standalone menu section, the website grabs visitors’ attention straight away by syncing it with user action and turning high-res visuals into cursor trail effect.

Images are revealed with the first user interaction, not only making for a good first impression but also showing what the website is ultimately all about.

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