Badrutt's Palace Elegant Homepage

Badrutt’s Palace is a chance to encounter old world charm accompanied by modern luxuries. With more than a century catering to the every need of their guests, the Badrutt’s Palace website would have to capture all of these details.

Landing on the Badrutt’s Palace website is truly an experience. A fullscreen slideshow spins short videos that spotlight the hotel’s most stunning features. From fresh floral arrangements to snow peaked mountains to Christmas splendors, the eye is never bored on this web page. A white serifed typeface echoes the elegance of the hotel. At the top of the page, the Bardutt’s Palace logo furthers this aesthetic with the same typeface and an illustration of a castle.

If the user follows the white arrows, they’ll be guided into a deep scroll home page with even more striking images. The same serifed typeface appears in blue as titles and headlines, while a readable sans serif typeface is used in the main copywriting. Antique pictures of the hotel spotlight its long legacy, enhancing brand credibility. Never forgetting the power of social media, photography is placed side-by-side with Badrutt’s hashtags.

Badrutt's Palace Elegant Product page

Further adding to the luxurious experience of visiting the Badrutt’s web page, a beautiful image leads to their online store, where the user can purchase products from the hotel or spa packages. A blue price filter to the left hand side adds a useful element for the user, demonstrating careful UX.

Badrutt's Palace Elegant Website Design

Clicking a white menu icon in the upper left hand side causes a white hamburger menu to extend, sliding the page away, creating a 3-D effect. Navigating to the landing page for the Badrutt’s restaurants, the user will be met by a slideshow similar to the one on the home page. Images of luxury, like champagne and fine chocolates, dominate, continuing the visual experience that begins on the home page. With imagery this strong, Bradrutt’s branding as a world class experience takes the center stage.

Badrutt's Palace is an elegant website design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.