Zilla Mortgage Professional Website Design

Zilla Mortgage is an online mortgage specialist, headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada, with offices in Calgary, and Toronto. Since 2008, Zilla has made it their mission to make shopping for a residential mortgage easier—with less hoops and hassle—and to lead with the best customer experience around.

The highly competitive and heavily regulated mortgage industry requires a special type of digital marketing approach. To push Zilla Mortgage through the clutter, stand out amongst their competitions, a more comprehensive approach is needed. Hence, Zilla’s website uses a simplified design approach to amplify the message. They focused on creating the best user experience possible with big numbers, a quick rate calculator and fast application process — all visible and easily accessible from the “Homepage”. The beautiful typography treatment makes the numerical messaging eye-catching and more impactful. The well-crafted wording shows they are self-assured. 

Beyond user experience design, the first step to a nationally recognized brand is to differ themselves from the usual corporation look and feel, which is used to go with green - blue color theme. The designer created a complementary color palette of yellow-purple, and designed an unique mascot, “Zilla the Zebra”, to personify their brand. Meanwhile, they established Zilla’s credibility by showcasing their lending partners’ logos and testimonials, as well as detailing their lending process for users’ peace of mind. If I had the authority to the web design, I would put the mascot “Zilla the Zebra” in grater use in each subpages. That should extend the uniqueness and excitement from the homepage.

Zilla Mortgage is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance industry.