8 Best Women’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Highlight Female Power

8 Best Women’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Highlight Female Power
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 03, 2023

International Women's Day is upon us, and it's a day to honor the valuable achievements of women worldwide.

It’s also an opportunity for brands and agencies to pull out all the stops to create marketing campaigns celebrating women and encouraging gender equality.

Think about Nike's "Dream Crazier" ad featuring Serena Williams or Always' "Like a Girl" campaign. Marketing campaigns prove that brands can step up and use their influence and resources to promote positive change!

In this article, we'll look back at some of the best Women's Day marketing campaigns that are creative and inspiring and have influenced how we think about Women's Day.

From heartwarming videos to empowering slogans, the most qualified digital marketing companies behind these campaigns have successfully showcased women’s stories, abilities and strengths.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your women's day campaign or want to appreciate the fantastic work brands have done, read on!

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1. Coca-Cola International Women’s Day by The Bold Group

[Source: The Bold Group ]

Standout Features:

  • Strategic use of negative space
  • Short yet impactful messaging
  • Powerful icons and imagery

The Coca-Cola International Women's Day campaign by The Bold Group is a beautiful and inspiring example of how brands can use their platform to uplift women and celebrate their contributions to society.

The campaign features a powerful message, "when there is a woman, there is magic," recognizing every woman’s ability to make a difference in the world!

The visuals are stunning, with Coca-Cola’s signature bright colors and eye-catching graphics that draw the viewer's attention. The iconic female symbol and the large illustration of a woman of color also reinforce the idea that women everywhere have the power to create change.

And by leveraging negative space, this design drove the audience’s complete focus to the visuals. The layouts are clean and clutter-free, adding more impact to the key messages right at the center of the campaign posters.

2. Happy Women’s Day 2021 by Naishtika Audio Visuals

Standout Features:

  • Motivational video tribute
  • Various shots showcasing women’s abilities
  • Evocative background music

This Women's Day marketing campaign is about inspiring women across all sectors!

The Happy Women’s Day 2021 video campaign by Naishtika Audio Visuals is an excellent tribute to women, highlighting their individualities and the various roles they play in society.

The visuals are beautiful and well-crafted, with shots of women walking confidently, dancing, working, and performing various activities. Each frame shows a unique activity, allowing the audience to understand how multi-faceted each woman truly is.

The use of music is also effective in creating an inspiring and uplifting mood that matches the video's message!

It shows how effective video campaigns are in telling multi-layered stories and creating an emotional connection with the audience. By showcasing the stories of real women and their attributes, the campaign encourages viewers to feel motivated to make a difference in their own lives and communities.

3. Women’s, Control The World by EtriLabs

[Source: Medus’Art Studios]

Standout Features:

  • A captivating image of an ethnic woman
  • Assertive campaign messaging
  • A bright and vibrant color story

It’s high time for women to step into power! This Women’s Day campaign by EtriLabs is a simple yet powerful example of how to use attention-grabbing ads to promote an important social message.

The campaign features a striking image of a woman of color, clad in ethnic wear and surrounded by subtle indigenous patterns. It shows that women everywhere can bring valuable change in the world – especially those in minority groups.

This distinctive imagery ensures that the campaign reaches the right audience! (Learn more about understanding your target audience here).

Along with the bold imagery, the key message, “women’s, control the world!!!” is a powerful statement that sparks action. By using bold imagery and an impactful message, the campaign effectively promotes the idea of female empowerment and the importance of women taking up space in society!

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4. International Women’s Day 2022 by Created Agency

Standout Features:

  • Uplifting video message
  • B-rolls of women in action
  • Real-life footage

Women have the power to rise above life's adversities – an uplifting idea put forth by the EU Commissioner, Jutta Urpilainen, for her International Women's Day 2022 video message.

Produced by Created Agency, this short yet meaningful corporate video is a touching and inspiring example of using storytelling to promote a positive impact.

In the video, the commissioner delivered messages of empowerment to women, especially those who have struggled in areas of armed conflict in Europe and many parts of the world.

The video also includes scenes showing women in real-life situations like war zones, classrooms, workplaces, etc. The way these scenes are inserted as the speaker delivers the message adds an extra layer of authenticity to the statement.

A well-crafted video sequence paired with a powerful view – that’s how to create a viral marketing campaign that resonates with a massive audience!

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5. International Women’s Day 2019 by Cloud9Media

Standout Features:

  • Authentic scenes of empowerment
  • On-site footage of women at work
  • Inspiring background music

Paying homage to the incredible women they’ve worked with in the past decade, Cloud9Media put together a video montage of their best moments. And the result is simply heartwarming and uplifting!

In just under a minute, the video producers were able to capture raw, authentic, and inspiring scenes and turn them into an aspirational video campaign for International Women’s Day 2019.

From young girls learning and playing to activists mobilizing the people to fight for important causes, the video encapsulates the many beautiful things a woman can do for our world.

Even without dialogue, the video could tell the stories of various women with different backgrounds. The soft and mellow instrumental also wrapped the scenes together to create a warm and meaningful tribute.

6. International Women’s Day Conference by Michelle Rademeyer

[Source: Michelle Rademeyer]

Standout Features:

  • Visually cohesive event materials
  • Clean and legible layouts
  • Engaging social media posts

Women in Nigeria came together for the International Women’s Day Conference in 2020 to discuss African women’s economic contributions, and Michelle Rademeyer created the perfect campaign materials for it.

Featuring an emailer, event program, and a handful of social media posts, the marketing assets for the campaign all look consistent in terms of visuals, layout, and messaging.

The rich shade of burgundy overlaid into images of women in action already makes a huge visual statement. The use of bold fonts in the headers and light, sans serif fonts in the details, make each asset legible – a MUST for creating event marketing!

The social media posts are awe-inspiring – featuring bite-sized content and high-impact images while offering meaningful information. (Discover how to create a successful social media campaign).

7. International Women’s Day Poster by Rafa Orrico

[Source: Rafa Orrico]

Standout Features:

  • Repetitive icon for brand recall
  • Recognizable female symbolism
  • Satisfying visual illustration

More than its powerful message, a successful print design must be visually engaging – just like this International Women’s Day poster by Rafa Orrico.

Initially created as a personal project, the poster serves as a commemorative piece to highlight the importance of this day for women all over the world.

The beauty and meaning lie in its simplicity. Instead of featuring thematic images and illustrations, the designer used subtle yet impactful symbolism. The posters flaunt a single brandmark and feature a pattern that forms the iconic female symbol and the number 8 to commemorate International Women’s Day.

These icons are painted in bright purple, standing out in a sea of black and white. Aside from making the image more visible, it also added an extra pop of color!

8. International Women's Day 2018 Video - We Love Women's Football by Notar Films

Standout Features:

  • Cinematic shots of female athletes
  • Dramatic scoring
  • Assertive yet aspirational messaging

The We Love Women's Football campaign by Notar Films is a powerful and inspiring video that challenges the undervaluation of female athletes in the sports industry.

It's one of the best women's day marketing campaigns that beautifully tells the stories of women in football, highlighting their individualities, struggles, and abilities. The cinematic shots of players in the field exude female power.

The dramatic background music adds to the impact of the message, making it even more emotionally engaging.

Additionally, the strong closing statement in bold letters, "Everyone has the right to dream," reinforces that strength and leaves a lasting impression.

Overall, this women's day marketing campaign exhibits compelling storytelling and a fantastic visual design that resonates with viewers for a long time.

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