10 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing
10 Benefits of Email Marketing
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: May 04, 2023

Email marketing is one of the most comprehensive and successful ways of advertising a business, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to the website. One of the primary benefits of email marketing is its promise of low cost and high ROI.

In this article, we will summarize the seemingly endless advantages of email marketing as performed by the best email marketing agencies in a few points while guiding businesses to use email marketing in the right way.

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Benefits of Email Marketing Statistics

Before elaborating on the benefits of email marketing, here are a few statistics for businesses, yet to use emails, to consider.

Research suggests that 40% of B2B marketers consider email newsletters the most crucial factor to their content marketing success.

Further, almost 99% of consumers check their emails daily and consider it the most preferred way to receive brand updates.

With the numbers being so much in favor of email marketing, it is time to understand this digital marketing method in detail.

10 Email Marketing Benefits

Let us now look into the most prominent benefits of email marketing:

  1. Personalized Content Creation
  2. Feedback Collection and Surveys
  3. Sales Improvement
  4. Audience Communication
  5. Traffic Generation to the Business Website
  6. Timely Campaigns Sending
  7. Increasing Leads
  8. Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Time
  9. Enabling Cost-Effective Campaigns
  10. Offering Greater Value to the Audience

1. Personalized Content Creation

Email marketing enables the creation of customized campaigns and targeted content. Personalization can vary, but even including the recipient’s first name in the subject line can visibly improve the click-through rate.

Email marketers ensure creating individualized content based on the audience segment so that the right emails are sent to the right customers. The types of email marketing for different audiences will vary, so the email you send to returning customers will differ from that sent to one-time customers.

Personalized content is one of the primary benefits of email marketing. Segmentation and personalization are crucial to the success of an email marketing strategy.

2. Feedback Collection and Surveys

With email marketing, businesses can keep a pulse on the customer experience. Email marketing enables you to do this. For example, you can obtain customer feedback through email campaigns by sending customer satisfaction surveys.

Email marketing is also one of the ideal ways to calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This score allows for finding out the percentage of customers who are detractors and the ones who are brand ambassadors. This information helps in devising strategies that improve customer experience.

3. Sales Improvement

Email marketing is not only an excellent marketing tool but also helps in improving sales. The email marketing campaigns feature products/services and encourage customers to continue shopping or deliver special offers and discounts.

59% of marketers say that email marketing has been their most potent source of ROI. Email marketing can also automate certain parts of the sales process, leading to an increase in sales.

4. Audience Communication

As a marketer, improving audience communication is very important. Customers become loyal to your brand when they feel like they can talk to you.

Email marketing allows for reaching the maximum number of audiences and efficiently communicating with the brand ambassadors. The emails keep the audiences engaged throughout the year.

5. Traffic Generation to the Business Website

When you create great content, you must disseminate it to your audience, and most often, you do it through emails.

Email marketing enables sending traffic to a brand's website and improves SEO. It also helps keep the audiences engaged with the brand and the site.

A Call to Action or CTA is essential when sending an email linking to your content so that the readers can click through to the site.

6. Timely Campaigns Sending

Traditional marketing campaigns take a long time to plan and organize. Even then, there is no guarantee that the audience will see your campaign at the correct time.

With email marketing, you can create campaigns faster and ensure that the audiences see the emails at the right time. This also email marketing costs, which can sometimes be slightly higher.

However, with email marketing, you can create an entire campaign on shorter notice because they take less time to plan. You can also ensure your audience sees the email at the right time.

7. Increasing Leads

Like increasing sales, businesses can also increase leads with email marketing. Email marketing can further improve conversions and nurture leads using the inbound method.

Email marketing qualifies the leads to ensure that the sales team is not wasting time on inappropriate leads. Some businesses do lead scoring, which enables tracking whether the leads open the emails or engage by clicking on the links.

8. Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Time

For a marketing campaign to be successful, reaching the right customers at the correct time is necessary. With email marketing, this gets easier because people check their email and can do so any time and on various devices. This improves the success rate of the marketing campaigns.

The more a brand gets in front of the audience regularly, the more they stay top-of-mind.

9. Enabling Cost-Effective Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are less costly than traditional campaigns in the form of direct, print, and so on.

You do not need to pay for location fees, photo shoots, placement, and so on with emails. A good copywriter and a graphic artist can start an email campaign.

Email campaigns can also be created in less time. Emails can be prepared even in a day or two when there is an offer or news that you want to convey immediately.

Thus, email marketing leads to generating revenue and leads with a smaller budget and is, therefore, suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

10. Offering Greater Value to the Audience

One of the primary goals of any business is to provide value for the customers and audiences so that they keep coming back. Email marketing is a fantastic way to gather loyal customers, as you can add value even when there is no purchase.

Also, email marketing can be utilized to offer more resources to contacts that are willing to listen to you. When you provide greater value, you can consistently produce a higher ROI.

Additionally, since customers or prospects opted-in, you can use email marketing to provide more resources to contacts interested in what you have to say.

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Top 3 Industries Leveraging the Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing benefits businesses across domains. However, the top 3 industries have leveraged the advantages of email marketing more than others. These are:

1. Retail

Retail is the best-performing industry in the benchmark. The retail sector leveraged implicit and explicit data to increase conversion and inspire engagement. Brands like Nike and Target create vast amounts of data and send relevant, hyper-targeted email updates. Customers are more likely to open these emails that often promise discounts on popular apparel.

2. Financial Services

Financial services brands also witnessed increased traffic from emails and among the highest open rates across all industries. Financial companies push targeted and timely email content through their massive customer account data.

3. Travel and Hospitality

The pandemic has badly hit the travel sector. The leading brands discovered ways to offer increased value to the customers safely and virtually. Email marketing helped businesses adapt quickly to the post-COVID times.

Also, the restaurant businesses sent follow-up emails to customers after each visit, rewarding them with something free of cost on their next visit.

Should Businesses Hire an Email Marketing Agency?

Outsourcing email marketing to a reputed agency is a welcome idea for businesses. Building an email marketing campaign takes time, effort, and expertise. An email marketing company can take the load off your plate and guide you in the right direction, depending on the nature of the business, target audience, and other details.

Benefits of Email Marketing Takeaways

So, if you are already convinced of the advantages of email marketing and have a thousand ideas to leverage your brand with it, the right time to start is now.

Email marketing is a never-ending process, so you can start small and gradually get acquainted with the advanced tools and methods.

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