Android Oreo Has Arrived! Here's Everything You Need to Know About Google's Latest Launch

Forget froyo and Kit-Kat, Android is back with yet another operating system that is sure to satiate your sweet tooth. 

Let's start at the beginning.

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What Is New With Android Oreo?

Last spring, Android announced a feather-light operating system for lower grade phones, known at that time as Android Go. The program, which could grow Android's already-2 billion user base exponentially, is able to work properly on phones with less than 1 GB of memory. Acting as a sort of working "compressor" (yes, we're getting major Silicon Valley vibes, too...) Oreo - Go Edition (also known as version 8.1) will allow more pages to load quickly on smaller phones, which may prove to be a big draw for international users. 

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Android Goes Lite

Oreo Go will also include lighter versions of popular apps such as YouTube, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail and more. These features and their international potential likely played a large role in Android's decision to announce Oreo Go at their event in India this week, though its yet to be seen if they'll capture the majority of India's smartphone use with the ~lite~ operating system. 

But Oreo Go isn't the only cookie in the jar. This month, a "full-sized" Oreo (version 8.0) will also be released to run-of-the-mill Android smartphones.

What Other Features Will It Include?

So are there other features that non-iPhone users can get pumped about? It turns out that the full-fledged Oreo operating system IS pretty exciting. 

According to Android, the new system will double speed, minimize background activity in apps to save your battery life exponentially, autofill forms (should you grant permission), and -- our personal favorite -- make mobile multitasking easier with a picture-in-picture feature that will let you, quite literally, do two things at once. 

What's better? Android is finally catching up to the emoji-crazy Apple and giving users 60 more emojis to spam their friends and family group chats with. 

Both versions of Oreo are the most secure systems to date, and all "go" and regular Android phones have the same security measures, plus Google Play Protect, which -- you guessed it -- protects your passwords and credit card numbers that you've input in the Google Play store. From a user standpoint, this feature was LONG overdue. A recent report by Nokia found that 68 percent of Android phones had been infected by a tech virus at some point, while only about 3 percent of iOS phones had been compromised. Hopefully, this protection will close the gap. 

So when can you snag an Oreo for yourself? If you own a Google phone, you've already got those new features (and more). Other Android users will be able to upgrade before the ball drops on 2018. 

As far as iPhone users? Well, you've still got iMessage. You're fine. 

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