These US App Development Schools Produce The Best Talent In the Country (And They’re Not Ivy League)

These US App Development Schools Produce The Best Talent In the Country (And They’re Not Ivy League)
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Last Updated: November 27, 2020

App development is one the fastest-growing occupations in the US.

In 2018, there were 1,365,500 app developers and by 2028 it is projected that there will be 284,100 newly opened positions. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The need for highly skilled labor is constantly increasing.

This is why more and more businesses decide to hire straight from universities to find highly skilled developers that can grow within their organization.

In this article you will find out:

  • The 10 best mobile app development schools to recruit from
  • The top reasons to hire straight from universities
  • How to attract the best freshly graduated talent to your organization

Top 10+ App Development Schools To Recruit From

Here you can find the best schools for mobile app development to recruit fresh talent from:

App development schools: University Of Southern California (Los Angeles, Ca)
[Source: University Of Southern California]

1. University Of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)

The University of Southern California offers a focused and rich program for future app developers.

Their alumni become experts in:

  • Mobile application technologies
  • Mobile application development (iOS and Android development)
  • Mobile game programming

This app development school is especially well known for its strong video game development program.

Additionally, their students have an opportunity to work with location-based technologies and build workable apps together, strengthening their technical skills and the ability to work efficiently in a team.

App development schools: Carnegie Mellon
[Source: Carnegie Mellon]

2. Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA)

With its Software Engineering program, Carnegie Mellon University allows students to get the required skills and become successful app and software developers.

To get them closer to new technologies, CMU also provides students with the opportunity to pursue their studies at its Silicon Valley campus, surrounded by the world's leading, most innovative tech corporations and experts.

Here, they work together with professors, researchers, Ph.D. students and local companies to become skilled software architects, engineers and project leaders.

The Carnegie Mellon University’s alumni include the co-founder of Adobe, Charles Geschke.

Top school for app developers: University Of California
[Source: University Of California]

3. University Of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

Pursuing a degree in Software Development and Programming, students at the University of California attend a 10-course preparation where they combine theory and practice to become experts in areas such as:

  • Software development life cycle
  • Databases
  • System administration
  • Security
  • Data communications
  • Web development

Once students complete this program, they are fully trained to start their careers in:

  • Information management
  • Systems analysis
  • Computer programming
  • Computer consulting

The notable alumni of this app development school include the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt and the inventor of the computer mouse, Douglass Engelbart.

Top school for app developers: New York University
[Source: New York University]

4. New York University (New York City, New York)

New York University provides its students with a range of highly specialized app development classes.

Thus, their alumni become experts in:

  • Mobile development
  • Mobile analytics
  • Mobile advertising
  • App marketing
  • And more

NYU’s students also get a certificate in iPhone app development to attest to their proficiency in creating apps for Apple products. As a result, this institution produces some of the most qualified iOS experts on the market.

App development school: University College, Denver
[Source: University College, Denver]

5. University College, University Of Denver (Denver, CO)

The University of Denver is one of the most respected app development schools in the US because it offers an interdisciplinary approach to the IT program.

Here students become experts in web design and programming.

They develop technical skills to become future programmers, operation managers, project managers and entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the university’s students also learn how to work with clients, users and in a team successfully by attending courses like:

  • Effective communication
  • Organizational behavior
  • Leadership
  • Ethical decision making
San Diego State University website
[Source: San Diego State University]

6. San Diego State University (San Diego, Ca)

San Diego State University is focused on strengthening the students' practical skills as well as instilling the entrepreneurial mindset.

Their students are encouraged to participate in internships, mentoring, research, international experiences and entrepreneurship initiatives.

As for the courses, the university offers various specialized programs from advanced certificates to graduate degrees that prepare students for careers in software engineering, web and app development including Android, iOS and full-stack.

Here students work on real-world challenges and have access to cutting-edge technologies which help them turn into experts in web and mobile application development.

 Full Sail University website
[Source: Full Sail University]

7. Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL)

Full Sail University’s coursework offers a variety of programming languages and operating systems enabling students to create apps for both Android and iOS devices.

With this program, students learn the fundamentals of Google and Apple programming languages and get familiar with their operating-system standards, code optimization and application scalability.

The course also focuses on:

  • Mobile user experience
  • Advanced interface design
  • Integrated product development

Some of the majors and minors that students study here include:

  • Introduction to development
  • Technical writing
  • iOS development
  • Apple development
  • Statistics
  • Application architecture
  • Mobile user experience
Liberty University website
[Source: Liberty University]

8. Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)

Liberty University is one of the best online app development schools in the US. Their flexible programs teach students both the technical skills required for a successful career in app development and the business value of their development projects.

As a result, their students become highly qualified in software design and management.

Furthermore, their students also gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The infrastructure of business systems
  • Assessment and needs analysis
  • Modeling and design
  • Computer science
  • And more

At this school, students get a deep overview of the development process, security issues and database design which help them build expertise in business management information systems.

Walden University website
[Source: Walden University]

9. Walden University (Naples, FL)

Walden University combines technology and business classes to prepare students for careers in the IT sector.

Its Information Technology program focuses on web and application development and provides students with all the necessary tools, techniques and technologies to develop quality, user-friendly and interactive solutions for different devices and platforms.

The classes are flexible and teach students how organizational structure and operational functions can impact growth and success as well.

What’s more, students here explore qualitative research methods and are trained to work on leadership positions within different agencies, organizations and consulting firms.

Bryant And Stratton College website
[Source: Bryant And Stratton College]

10. Bryant And Stratton College (Buffalo, NY)

Bryant and Stratton College is also among the best schools for mobile app development. It offers students an education that mixes classroom learning with real-world applications.

Here they are trained in:

  • Android programming
  • Java programming
  • Database fundamentals

At this app developer school, students also learn how to write, develop and test online examination software and mobile applications.

At the end of the program, they are qualified to pursue a career in the IT and Networking Technology fields.

University of Bridgeport website
[Source: University of Bridgeport]

11. University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, CT)

The University of Bridgeport offers students to gain Computer Engineering Bachelor of Science Degree.

With this program, they can become proficient in defining and solving engineering problems but also become proficient in modern object-oriented programming languages including C++ and Java.

The students can take an advanced implementation-oriented course where they will learn the basics of structure and design of operating systems as well as get familiar with their primitives and processes.

The university also offers studying mobile platforms environments and web-based application development. They assign different tasks to graduates who are able to work on real projects and solve real problems.

Thus, thanks to these assignments, they learn to create order tracking systems, database-driven eCommerce solutions, business-to-business applications and more.

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Top Reasons To Hire Developers Directly From An App Development School

No matter the size of your company, recruiting graduates from an app development school has its advantages.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider investing your time and money in fresh app developers:

Reason #1: These App Developer Schools' Graduates Are Up-To-Date With Latest Technologies

The new generation of app developers is not only tech-savvy, but aware of and deeply interested in discovering new tech. They can easily navigate through innovative technologies, computer processes and different devices.

What’s more, they are also skilled in handling new software and are up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices and methods.

So, they can efficiently work on your projects while meeting your goals and bringing you the desired results.

Reason #2: The Graduates Of These Mobile App Development Schools Can Bring In A Fresh Perspective

Having never been fully engaged in the dynamics of the corporate world outside their internships, fresh graduates have not yet been boxed in the everyday protocols. This allows them to look beyond the status quo and bring innovative ideas to the table.

They can generate some great perspectives, implement new methods and tactics to your organization and projects.

Reason #3: App Development School Graduates Are Used To Learning Continuously

Fresh graduates walk into the workforce trained to learn continuously and eager to rise up to the company standards.

As a result, they absorb new skills quickly, making them easy to train.

This also results in a quick payoff as they start generating results soon after onboarding.

Reason #4: They Can Easily Adapt To Your Corporate Culture

Hiring new graduates also gives you an opportunity to train and nurture talent.

When they come to your organization, they don’t have perspectives about your working environment and they don’t know what is the ideal workplace culture.

They are open to new ideas and working styles which is why they can adapt to your corporate culture easily.

Reason #5: They Are Less Expensive

The market rate for employing new app development graduates is not very high and they usually expect lower salaries in their first job.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should undervalue your fresh app developers as this would inevitably reflect on their morale, commitment and your staff turnover.

Instead, take this is an opportunity to hire new talent at an entry-level in whom you can invest until they become experts in the field.

App development graduate
Global app market size is projected to hit $407.31 billion by 2026

The Best Ways To Attract Top Freshly Graduated Talent Straight From App Development School To Your Organization

Some companies prefer to work with fresh talent to help their business grow.

However, considering the fact that the global app market size is expected to hit $407.31 billion by 2026, it means that app development companies have hands full of work that are constantly searching for new candidates.

Here are a few tips to help you attract fresh graduates into your organization and convert into them full-time workers:

1. Partner With Universities

Businesses and organizations should connect with universities to find strong graduate talent.

To attract graduates from the best schools for mobile app development, they should offer:

  • Mentorship
  • Paid internships in their penultimate year
  • Career path education
  • Part-time jobs

Graduates are always excited about starting a career.

So, providing them with educational app development opportunities, you will show that you are dedicated and that you care for the students, which will allow them to establish significant relationships and partnerships.

By allowing fresh grads to meet your organization, working environment, leadership style and showing that they are valued you are making them stick longer.

What’s more, by getting to know them better you will also be able to assess their potential and tell which of them will be the most suitable for a full-time job.

2. Establish A Social Media Presence

If you are not present online then you should create accounts on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can use free social media marketing tools to schedule your posts in advance.

Just like all the young people, most of the fresh graduates from an app development school also spend plenty of their time on these platforms.

So, develop a social recruiting strategy, post job opening and participate in conversations to encourage new grads to apply to work for you.

Engaging your target group, getting in touch with them and making an impression will result in attracting candidates to your organization.

3. Set Clear Values And Expectations

Every time you post a new job opening, the fresh app developers will pay attention to all the details provided.

Today’s candidates are very selective so they will choose the company that communicates the purpose and values as well as their expectations clearly.

In fact, 62% of college students claim that they would prefer to work in a “collaborative” work environment.

Thus, make sure you create a compelling message, be clear about your requirements and provide the benefits of working in your company.

Also, create a clean job description and let graduates know exactly what they are applying for.

This will help you reduce uncertainty and make candidates more confident to apply.

4. Showcase Your Accomplishments

To attract some of the fresh graduates from the best schools for mobile app development, your business should stand out from the crowd.

Except for making efforts to establish a strong social media presence, you can also display your accomplishments.

To attract new talent, ensure you highlight your company awards, share some success stories and demonstrate that you are the best company to work with.

5. Build Meaningful Relationships

To attract grads from the best schools for mobile app development you should also show interest and offer sponsorships.

Today’s app development graduates have so many options that they will always turn to companies that invest in building relationships from the very start.

So, one of the best ways to earn their trust is to sponsor contests and projects in the field and contribute to online sources.

Show them that you are knowledgeable and interested in the environment they operate in and you will impress them.

Takeaways On The US App Development Schools

There is a high demand for app developers and the number of newly opened positions in this sector is constantly increasing.

This is why companies are in search for the best talents which is why very often they consider recruiting graduates from the best schools for website development company.

Fresh grads can be a great fit for your business as well since they are innovative, learn continuously and up-to-date with the latest technologies. What's more, they are also less expensive and can easily adapt to your corporate culture.

However, sometimes it may be difficult to attract them.

So, for you to be able to convert graduates from the best schools for mobile app development into full-time workers make sure to:

  • Partner with universities
  • Establish a social media presence
  • Set clear values and expectations
  • Showcase your accomplishments
  • Build meaningful relationships

Once these talents see that you are dedicated business that shows interest and cares about them they will get to trust you and feel more confident to apply to your open positions.

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