What Makes a Web Development Company in London Unique?

London is home to nearly one million businesses, with thousands entering the city annually. That makes the city the best place to build your company, bringing new opportunities and success along your way. London is also a great place to develop your company's culture, gaining a competitive advantage in your industry.

Standing out in the city might be challenging, so working with a web development company in London is the best to establish your online reputation efficiently.

What makes these local agencies unique? Read on.

Feature #1: London Has a Diverse, Skilled Workforce

London stands out due to its multi-ethnicity. Based on the data from Trust for London, 41% of the city's residents come from a black and minority ethnic (BME) background, unlike the other 10% in the country. Diversity in the workplace stimulates creativity, helping the team better understand your customers.

In addition, the city's multicultural population is highly skilled. Nearly a third of the city's new residents move to London after graduating. The city is where web development agencies in London can hire upstart, skilled professionals eager to prove themselves by growing your business.

Feature #2: London Has Opportunities for Exposure

London is a startup hub, so, there are numerous opportunities for exposure. However, to survive the fierce competition in the city, you'll have to get the proper exposure. With the multiple web developers in London, you can have different choices to help grow your business.

Even if you're fighting fierce competition, you'll reap greater rewards by putting yourself on the map in this great city.

Feature #3: London Has a Vibrant, Entrepreneurial Community

London has always been considered a valuable base for innovative and creative entrepreneurs. The city receives 41 new startup companies per sq km across the region. In fact, 23% of all the companies in London are less than two years old, making the capital a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

It allows a web development company in London to find inspiration from this vibrant, entrepreneurial community. That makes it easier for their team to find a theme or design that makes your company stand out from the rest, drawing in more customers and establishing your online reputation.

Feature #4: London Has a Vibrant Economy

London is becoming the global hub. It's home to major banks like HSBC, Lloyd's, Barclays, Citibank, etc. Likewise, it's the home to numerous Fintech companies, including TransferWise.

London's economy is one of the largest globally, beating other significant cities like Russia, Moscow, U.S.A, and Chicago. Therefore, it creates an ideal business climate.

London's economic growth allows local consumers to buy from your business, so you'll have to focus on making your brand accessible. It can mean investing significant money in improving your online presence to make your company more accessible to consumers.

London web development agencies can help you in reaching that goal. It's best to work with them since their team has the knowledge to make your website responsive and functional.

Aerial view of London’s primary central business district
 London is a startup hub — a great place for innovative and creative entrepreneurs

What Do Web Developers in London Specialize in?

A web development company in London is responsible for ideating, creating, designing, and maintaining applications and websites. Usually, they can help you build your app or website by handling these tasks:

  • Ideating and designing the navigation, architecture, and framework
  • Choosing a coding language to build your app or website (such as HTML or JavaScript)
  • Programming and coding the back-end
  • Incorporating media elements like audio, images, and videos
  • Publishing and optimizing content
  • Designing the user experience and user interaction at the front end
  • Testing the app and website before launching it (Beta testing)
  • Identifying and fixing bugs
  • Conducting performance and speed testing
  • Maintaining and updating your app or website regularly

In addition to building and maintaining your apps and websites, other web developers in London also have other specializations. That can include:

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Why Hire a London Web Development Company?

Let's look into the benefits of working with a top-rated web development company in London:

Benefit #1: You Can Work with Skilled Developers

London is home to numerous top-notch universities, including:

  • Imperial College London
  • London School of Economics
  • King's College London
  • University College London

All institutions produce highly talented graduates hungry for a new and exciting career and employment opportunities. Local universities are full of capable individuals developing ideas, making London a place for young professionals and graduates waiting for more opportunities.

A London web development agency will always have access to talented professionals, ensuring they can meet your expectations. Working with them can also get a highly responsive app or website.

Benefit #2: You Can Reach Out to Relevant People

Most web development companies in London are capable of connecting their clients with the right audience. They can optimize your app and website to make them more accessible to your audience.

Benefit #3: You Can Find Inspirations in the City

Besides, the city is also home to numerous corporations, giving local web development companies in London opportunities to expand their knowledge base. It'll benefit your company because the team can find inspiration from the local community, allowing them to optimize and build your site.

It also allows them to find solutions to the most common problems you might encounter while building your app or website. Most issues can be related to

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • User experience
  • User interface
  • And more

How Much Does a London Web Development Agency Charge?

Most London web development companies have an average charge of £25 – £150 per hour. But you'll also find local companies that can charge as high as £200 per hour.

In addition, a London web development agency normally charges £1,000 – £10,000 per project; however, other firms can charge as high as £25,000 – £50,000 per project.

An average breakdown of one's budget will include the costs for the following elements:

  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • Website hosting
  • Theme or style
  • Responsive design
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Content management system
  • And more
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How to Find the Right Web Development Company in London

Our team has gathered the most common tips on hiring a good web development company in London that will suit small, medium or large-scale projects.

#1: Understand Your Project's Scope and Goals

Begin your search for web development agencies in London by understanding your project's scope and goals to make the selection process easier. You need to determine what kind of developer you'll need for your web development project. Below are some of the project scopes you’ll encounter:

  • Most small-scale projects entrusted to web developers in London include incorporating additional features to an existing website or building a simple one. New features can refer to:
    • Subscription button
    • New template design
    • CTA button
    • Contact form
  • Medium-scale projects handled by a London web development company can refer to different project types, such as developing dynamic or static online stores or web apps. It might also require integrating third-party services like:
    • APIs
    • Chatbots
    • Databases
    • CMS
    • CRM
  • Large-scale projects a London web development agency can handle include tasks that require the integration of sophisticated technologies and cloud hosting servers to store user data.

#2: Decide on Which Type of Developers to Work With

Each web development company in London employs three kinds of developers. Full-stack, back-end, and front-end developers. Let's learn about the differences between them below:

  • Front-end developers: They ake changes to the front of your site, including the part of the website visitors interact with frequently. Front-end developers are also responsible for upgrading your website's layout and design.
  • Back-end developers: This team is responsible for website structure. You should hire them if you want to:
    • Solve technical issues
    • Integrate third-party services on the site infrastructure
    • Improve your website's speed
  • Full-stack developers: Specialize in websites' back and front end, making them the best choice for startups with limited resources.

#3: Read Customer Feedback, Reviews, or Ratings

Web development agencies in London will always have a section where customers can leave their testimonies or reviews. Therefore, you'll have to look more into their profile. If the web development agency is referred, ask about the pros and cons of working with that company.

It's also best to be attentive to the cons to ensure you find what you're looking for. Suppose you used other platforms to learn more about their company. It is best to ask for references that you can talk to ask about their experience with their team.

#4: Look Into Their Case Studies

A reputable web development company in London goes the extra mile to present their case studies to potential clients. It allows them to showcase their abilities and expertise, supporting their claims. It also minimizes the element of bias.

Usually, their case studies detail their previous projects briefly from start to finish. It can give you an overview of what to expect from their team.

If you can't find any available case studies, don't hesitate to ask to avoid misunderstandings.

#5: Set a Web Development Budget

Before hiring a web development company in London, set a budget for your project. It'll help both sides identify the right solutions and efficiently allocate your budget. It would be best to base your decisions on ROI, so you'll have to consider the long-term value of establishing your online presence.

You might have to spend a massive sum of money upfront, but you can see a return immediately. The return on this kind of investment will continue for years to come.

#6: Hire a Proactive Web Development Agency

Web development agencies in London are proactive, meaning they can detect and address problems efficiently. They can also complete a project on time. Hiring a proactive developer in the area will allow you to build higher trust and relationships. Your business will also benefit from this relationship.

10 Questions to Ask a London Web Development Agency

  1. Who will be working on my application or website?
  2. How much will my project cost? Can you make a quote?
  3. Will you use a template or a customized design?
  4. How responsive will my new or existing website be?
  5. Who can I talk to if I'm unsatisfied with the design?
  6. How will I pay you? By hour? By project? By a fixed rate?
  7. Who will be responsible for writing the content?
  8. What can I expect from my newly completed website?
  9. How long will it take to complete my app or website?
  10. Can I revise or upgrade the website after its launch?

Takeaways on Web Development Companies in London

London is becoming an excellent hub for different reasons:

  • It offers a diverse, talented workforce.
  • It offers more opportunities for exposure.
  • It has a growing entrepreneurial community.
  • It also has the largest economy in the world.

One of the challenges you might encounter is fierce competition among local entrepreneurs. But a web development company in London can help you overcome that challenge.

It would help if you worked with them to build your online reputation and find local inspirations that make your brand more unique.

You also don't have to worry about the charges for creating an app or website. London web development agencies offer affordable rates. Their hourly rate ranges from £25 to £150, and the rate per project ranges from £1,000 to £10,000.

With this information in mind, you’ll be well on your way to hiring a web development company in London.

Best of luck!

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