Stryve Stunning App Design

Stryve is a fitness app designed to help users get in shape. The app offers customized options based on the user’s current fitness level and desired goals (ie; get lean, or get strong).

Upon launching the app for the first time, the user is walked through a brief onboarding process where key benefits of the app are flashed on the screen. These are overlaid on top of images of people working out, driving home the main uses of the app. The app then asks the user to answer questions about their fitness goals and current fitness levels. The app uses the information provided to create a custom workout plan. This onboarding process helps ensure that people do more than just download the app, they actually use it.

Once the app has generated a plan based on the user’s information, it directs the user to an overview of the workout for the day. The workout appears on a card that features short video clips of exercises from the workout. Two calls-to-action give users a path to the full workout or an abbreviated version if they’re short on time. Users can also preview the workouts for the rest of the week, though full details are only available once the user has completed the workout that comes before.

Each workout module is in the form of a video workout taught by a coach or fitness professional. Where many apps only feature images of each exercise, leaving users confused about what exactly to do next, Stryve leaves nothing to chance.

The Stryve app has a refreshingly simple design. Many fitness apps on the market are weighted down with an abundance of bells and whistles, but Stryve offers a plan that is easy to follow and adhere to.

Stryve is a stunning app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.