Running for Weight Loss Clean App Design

Upon launching the app for the first time, the user is guided through a three-step onboarding process that helps them get the most out of their use of the platform. The user is asked to indicate their fitness level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and some personal details like height and weight so the app experience can be customized to their needs.

Once the user inputs their details, the app introduces a running for weight loss plan customized for them. Workouts are presented in a card-based layout, and the user can scroll to the right to discover future workouts. Each run has an overview including all the information the user needs to understand the structure of the workout.

Colors are cleverly employed to designate different types of activity within the run (walking is represented in green, while running is blue, etc.) A personal trainer is there to walk the user through each run and keep them feeling motivated. Runs are tracked and saved in the app, so users can access their history and monitor their progress. More than just runs, users can also track their daily water intake and get access to meal plans and nutritional recommendations.

The app also rewards users for engaging with the platform by notifying them of achievements, like attaining a normal BMI level.

The Running for Weight Loss app is a customized run tracker app designed for runners looking to use the activity to lose weight. It has a full feature set that will satisfy any runner, and the workouts are created to make it easy to follow a run workout plan without the hassle of designing it yourself. The muted pink color palette gives the app a friendly, approachable vibe and helps make it visually distinct from other competitors. 

Running for Weight Loss is a clean app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.