Bluethumb Clean App Design

Thanks to Bluethumb, selling traditional art has gone modern! The app connects artists with a massive pool of potential customers in a design that feels familiar to those who use services like Instagram or Twitter.

Bluethumb Elegant App Design

Art buyers can browse popular, trending pieces of artwork right away. The clean design of the app doesn’t place any barriers between buyers and sellers. The focus is on the art itself, with large thumbnails and minimal text. Navigating the app is simple and fast.

Bluethumb Minimal App Design

Purchasing artwork is almost as easy as browsing it. The checkout is clean and simple, making it easy for users to move from their cart to a purchase confirmation. The icons at the top of the checkout screen clearly indicate where the user is within the checkout process. There’s no surprise about what is coming next. Everything is made to be as minimalist, clean, and simple as possible. This makes for a fluid, seamless user experience.

Bluethumb Simple App Design

Of course, buyers need sellers. Posting artwork for sale is just as easy as every other aspect of the app. Users can upload images, title their work, and provide a description for buyers. Busy artists can easily post many products. Then, they can let the app do the work of selling their creations, while they get back to producing more.

As technology moves forward, traditional artwork doesn’t have to get left behind. Bluethumb is a clean, beautiful app that allows artists and their fans to connect easily. The focus is wholly on the artwork, and the result is an incredible app with the potential to transform the world of art.

Bluethumb is a clean app design in the arts & recreation and e-commerce & retail industries.