Cladwell Simple App Design

The Cladwell app is designed to help users dress better for the items they already own. Cladwell promises to make the most of the user’s existing wardrobe, saying “Cladwell helps you create more outfits with fewer items. Say goodbye to closet clutter. Say hello to Cladwell.”

When logging in to Cladwell for the first time, the app prompts the user to select items they have in their closet -- the match doesn’t have to be exact, only similar enough that the app can use the information to generate recommendations. The app also asks the user to enable their location so that recommendations can be made based on current weather conditions.

With at least ten items selected, Cladwell can begin making recommendations. The user is prompted to log what they wear every day so that they have a record of their choices and so the app can begin to understand where their preferences lie. Users can also create “capsule collections” for different occasions, eg; work, travel, or whatever their lifestyle demands.

Cladwell is unique in the personal styling category because they don’t sell clothes. The app’s entire purpose is to help users understand which items they use most, remove unnecessary clutter from their wardrobes, and only invest in pieces that will complement what they already own.

The Cladwell app features a minimalist, gender-neutral design that can appeal equally to women and men. A white background and lightweight black typography help bring the clothes to the forefront of the app experience. Cladwell’s a handy app, especially for those that ascribe to the growing minimalist wardrobe trend.

Cladwell is a simple app design in the Fashion & Beauty industry

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