Patient Experience Mobile App Platform

EMERGE’s Patient Experience Mobile Platform Makes Scheduling Appointments a Breeze

One of the lessons the recent global health issue has taught us is that health organizations worldwide need to improve. But how can you do that in a chaotic Pandemic? By using EMERGE’s incredible Patient Experience Mobile App.

The software helps patients schedule appointments, pay bills, see the test results from a safe distance, and more. The patients can then reach out to their doctor and, after discovering their next steps - find directions to the health station quickly, making up an excellent user experience.

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While seemingly targeting patients, EMERGE’s app simultaneously works wonders for the hospital’s staff. They will be able to maintain that clinics are vacant and ready for the patients with the most severe illnesses by keeping track and organizing the seriousness of patients’ current state. Sometimes, a virtual appointment will save time and space, improving customer experience.

An array of functions

Patient Experience Mobile App Treats One of the Greatest Ailments – Overcrowded Health Centers

A crowded ER room does not only affect people’s patience, but it can also send a message that they’re not important. When you must wait for an indefinite period in a room full of people without any power to make something happen, it’s only natural to feel powerless. And once you’re finally there, the doctor tells you it’s not so serious and you didn’t have to come in the first place.

However, EMERGE’s app lets the patients ensure they’re never in such a situation again. By letting the patients schedule appointments directly from their phones, the app helps them limit the loss of time and unpleasant surprises in urgent situations. The patient can also describe the issue by using a direct messaging service to find out if a physical appointment is necessary, or in cases where they can’t reach the hospital in person.

Some mobile app developers specialize in the health or medical niche that have a more in-depth understanding of the importance of platforms like this. 

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Patient Experience Mobile App Design - Meeting All the Patients’ Needs

We mentioned some of EMERGE’s app features, like scheduling appointments, chatting with the personnel, paying bills, etc. However, there’s more.

The app also lets the patient monitor their regular healthcare activities, like getting a regular flu shot or an annual check-up. This feature makes it difficult to forget to get to your clinic by reminding them through notifications (learn about other standout features on a variety of app designs).

Another feature lets them keep track of the meds they’ve been prescribed, including a short description of how and how often they need to take them. The notifications are easy to spot, elevating their user experience not only with the EMERGE Patient Experience Mobile App but with your healthcare organization too.

Real-time location systems are compatible with the mobile app. When beacons are installed throughout the infrastructure of your company, they connect with the app using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to detect their current location and support precise hospital wayfinding. By using simple turn-by-turn guided navigation, your patients may find a department, patient room, or amenity inside the hospital.

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Patient Experience Mobile App Improves Both User Satisfaction As Well as Healthcare Provider’s ROI

Your patients and their family will be given access to a top-notch app experience thanks to EMERGE's Patient Experience Mobile App Platform. It includes straightforward and appealing educational lessons and interacts with on-site touch-screen kiosks effortlessly.

Overall, this app was designed to help healthcare providers increase their ROI through practical and user-friendly features.

By providing full access to your organization’s features in the palm of your patients’ hands, you’ll witness an increase in your revenue based on their positive experience. The app will help any clinic increase awareness of what works and what needs to improve, reduce late or missed appointments and secure cost savings.

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