Mucho app design by Imaginary Cloud

Mucho App Design Proves That Visuals Can Influence Users To Eat Healthier Meals

Mucho is an iOS app that helps users prepare meals according to their preferences while reducing food waste and money spending. It is aimed primarily towards budget-conscious people who are pressed for time and wish to introduce healthy, diverse options into their diet.

The app was created by the website and app development company Imaginary Cloud whose main challenge was to make a quick workflow and interface to match the needs of the target user.

Mucho app design is, therefore, extremely visual: the UI emphasizes each recipe’s delicious images in order to entice foodies with top-notch visual aids.

The iconography and overall graphics support the app’s main value proposition, which is being more frugal with your house budget and available groceries.

This demonstrates how app designers utilize imagery not just as a decorative element, but as a powerful tool to enhance the app's value proposition.

Mucho app design

Mucho App Shows How To Cover All Bases Of The User Journey

The Mucho app user journey begins by selecting the location, the number of people the user is cooking for and their budget limits.

The next step is to choose the dietary options and preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian etc.) and preferred ingredients (chicken, beef, tofu etc.) All of these can be adjusted later under the user’s account preferences.

Based on the details above, the app makes weekly recipe suggestions that the users can add to their personal recipe book.

The user chooses a recipe, enters the number of ingredients and then decides between having them delivered to their door or picked up at the store. For this purpose, a handy map provides the user with the exact location and distance to the place where their ingredients are.

The users can follow the recipe in portrait or landscape mode while they cook.

The entire user journey can be traced to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. This is the main navigation tool that lets users switch between “Pick,” “Order” and “Cook” pages.

Mucho app

Mucho App’s Color Palette Contributes To Precision And Ease Of Use

The most visually impactful aspect of the user journey is the use of colors. Branding experts will tell you that color choices are not made simply to make an app look attractive. They also aid in navigation and hierarchy, subtly guiding the user through their journey.

The pages where the user chooses their preferences are all teal and light red, with white text. The subsequent pages use a white background with accents in the said colors.

Purple and green join red and teal as the brand colors on certain buttons and text. These colors form a good contrast with the white background and black text to facilitate the user’s orientation in locating the important navigation elements.

The choice of colors for Mucho app design is another well-thought-out consideration that improves and accelerates the overall user experience. Owing to these colors, the users are able to navigate between the app’s pages with more precision. They can reach the desired page more quickly as their eyes are drawn to these highly contrasting sections on the screen.

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Mucho mobile app

A Familiar Font Facilitates Quick Skimming In The Mucho App

Imaginary Cloud did not specify which font they have used as the primary typography for the app’s content. However, it is similar to a rudimentary sans-serif font, extremely simple and easy on the eyes.

Similar to the colors, the font’s main purpose is also to facilitate the use of the app, besides delivering the main messaging and information to the user. The font is very large and crisp and it enables users to find exactly what they were looking for quite easily.

It also makes the app’s content highly skimmable, which is an important consideration when the users refer to the app while preparing food.

Mucho smartphone app

Mucho App Design’s Simple Interface Solves The Users’ Primary Pain Points

Imaginary Cloud’s app development and design for Mucho is a prime example of understanding the end-user's pain points and solving them immediately.

Their pre-development project research identified that the prospective users want to save money, time and food resources. The agency provided a user journey that helps with all three.

In the agency’s own words:

“Now, more than ever, people value their free time to dedicate to what really matters to them. By creating Mucho's persona, we were able to design an interface that goes along with the identified interests and preferences. This way, Mucho's app user experience was tailored to solve common user concerns, for instance, saving time on grocery shopping by having their ingredients delivered to their door or picked up in a store.”

For delivering the unique value propositions required by the end-users, realizing their biggest concerns and achieving all of that through a well-designed, cool-looking user interface that improves people’s lives, Mucho app design merits DesignRush’s Best App Design Award.

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